Your horoscope for the week of March 22

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Your March horoscope: Let’s begin again. On Tuesday, a New Moon (the lunar phase for beginnings) in Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) marks the start of a new chapter. This lunation empowers us to be braver, stronger, and willing to fight the good fight—something we all need right now. Then, a stabilizing weekend between Venus and Jupiter helps us get grounded in relationships.


Happy New Year, Aries! Times are tough, but try to keep your spirits up. Tuesday’s annual New Moon in your sign is listening to your bday wishes for manifestation. This weekend helps you see how you and your S.O. can work to share your time and resources for a more supportive connection.


Closure is a gift you can give yourself, Taurus. A New Moon on Tuesday in your completion zone is listening to your intentions on releasing the things you no longer need in your life. A breakthrough in romance arrives this weekend if you’re willing to accept that you don’t know everything. Approach all experiences with optimism for magical results.


Don’t let the world get you down, Gemmy! Tuesday’s New Moon in your friendship zone helps you reimagine what connection looks like. Check-in on your friends! A sensitive weekend has you confronting uncomfortable emotions. You’re even willing to apologize and/or forgive if the situation calls for it.


What’s your soul-purpose, Cancer? The New Moon on Tuesday wants to manifest your best-case scenario career outcomes. So be specific and fearless in your desires! This weekend blurs the line between friendship and romance. Try treating your friends like lovers and your lovers like friends so you can experience the best of both relationship dynamics.


Make the familiar feel new again, Leo! A New Moon in your travel sector gives you a fresh perspective on familiar places. An “aha!” moment strikes this weekend while you daydream about your career. Trust your intuition, and if you think of someone who can help you succeed, reach out!


Can you handle the truth, Virgo?! A New Moon in your truth-telling and sexuality sector on Tuesday inspires you to accept your current moment—then transform it. With authenticity, all your intimate relationships will improve. This weekend helps you feel more confident and connected in romance—you’re willing to be more courageous and emotionally expressive.


Love’s in the air, Libra! A New Moon in your romance sector wants you to claim your romantic desires on Tuesday by making a list of all you want to receive and give in relationships. A sexy weekend has you exploring your erotic imagination. Remember, your mind is the greatest sexual organ you have!


Be well, Scorpio. A New Moon in your wellness zone on Tuesday has you focusing on your physical and mental health. A romantic weekend has you talking with emotional candor. You’re sharing your feelings and attracted to those who are courageous enough to say how they feel, too.


You’re on sacred ground, Sagittarius. The New Moon on Tuesday wants you to claim the space you own with confidence. Pay attention to the details in your relationships this weekend. You’ll notice who really sees ~the real you~.


Happy homecoming, Cappy. A New Moon in your home and family sector on Tuesday wants to manifest your intentions around the places and people that make you feel like you belong. Step out of your comfort zone this week. If you’re willing to initiate vulnerability first, you’ll be amazed how quickly people accept and love you for it.


Use your words, Aquarius! A New Moon in your communication zone on Tuesday is listening to your intentions on how to be a stronger speaker because your negotiation skills are necessary right now. An illuminating weekend helps you own your desire for stronger emotional safety and gives you the willingness to ask for it, too.


Need immediate economic relief, Pisces? The New Moon on Tuesday wants to manifest the money you need, so claim your financial freedom and make it happen. A fun and flirty weekend help you lighten up around romance, which makes you even more desirable because you’re not taking yourself too seriously!

his horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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