Your horoscope for the week of January 26th

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Your horoscope this week, says it is time to take a cosmic chill pill, people! This week’s transits give us the groundedness, relaxation, and simple pleasures we need after January’s exciting but exhausting marathon of events. Let the Pisces Moon start your week in a reflective beginning and the Taurus Moon centre you this weekend.


Feelin’ some Sunday Scaries rn, ram? You might not be operating on all cylinders when the week begins, so try to move slowly—annoying, I know—while being patient and gentle with yourself. You’re forever the zodiac’s champion! The weekend is all about pampering you and treating yourself to self-care. Book the massage, the facial, the whatever makes your heart happy.


Your community is helping you behind the scenes to make your career goals happen this week, Taurus. If you can go to the office party, happy hour, networking event, whatevs—do it! This weekend is all about you, with the Moon shining just for, well, you. Your feels will be on full blast, which means if your heart has to say something, you’ve gotta do it.


You’re the MVP of Mondays, Gemmy! Your efficiency is at boss-level status this week, so trust your ability to work both of your twins’ butts off and make your career goals manifest in half the time. Heads up: You may need a night this weekend because you could be feeling tired and drained by other people.


Who doesn’t love an aha! moment, crabbie? Exactly. And yours arrives at the start of the week, giving you keen insight into a situation and helping you see it differently because you’re understanding yourself more accurately. You’ll feel inspired to share the realization with your friends this weekend, so reunite over some wine glasses and spill your guts with your confidantes.


Ooh, Leo! The weekend starts with a charge of sexual chemistry in the air and you’re looking to explore pleasure for pleasure’s sake. The stars are aligned for it, so give it a go. After you’ve scratched that itch, you’re ready to werk this weekend. Get a head start on your office tasks this weekend with the rush of productivity you’re feeling.


Monday date night, Virgo? Why not! Romance is in the air at the beginning of the week, so if you’ve been meaning to schedule a date night, ask out your right swipe, or finally say yes to someone you’re curious about, do it. The high-vibe energy continues to the weekend, so try to explore a new place, book, and/or opportunity you’ve been super curious about.


Don’t forget your routine, Libra! You’ll feel more grounded, prepared, and healthy as you stay committed to your morning practices. You’re amazed by how simple choices first thing in the morning make a big difference in the quality of your day. The weekend is moonlit with sexy, passionate, and sultry vibes, so let yourself play with partners you trust.


No, no, you’re not imagining it—you ARE being stared at, Scorpio. That’s because the week gives you glamour, charisma, and confidence for days. You’re radiating at a level that others can’t get enough of. So much so that this weekend has romance written all over it. Go out of your way to do different things, date a different type, etc., etc. for magical results!


You actually don’t have to put on a happy face, Sag. This week is a bit sensitive, so if you’re emotional about something, you’re not obligated to fake joy to anyone. Speak on your sensitivities so others can see you more authentically. Try to time-manage your life this weekend as best you can so you’ll get the relaxation you’re longing for!


Oh, hey, chatty Cappy—you’re enchanting the crowd with compelling anecdotes, juicy stories, and mad jokes. Don’t listen to sea-goat stereotypes making you think you’re all work and no play. You’re hilarious! Play some more this weekend. You’ll be excited to do whatever makes you feel alive, so follow your passions and heart.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! You’re thinking about the ways to maximize the money coming in. If you’re stressed about finances (who isn’t?!), try a budgeting app or talking to a financial adviser. Celebrate your new year this cosy weekend with the people and at the places that help you feel right at home sweet home.


Happy Pisces Moon, Pisces! This week helps you express the best of your sign’s creativity, intuition, and compassion. So do what comes naturally to your magical sign and show the world what you’re made of. You’ll be in a very extroverted mood this weekend, so if you’re feeling like you want to socialize, duh, go out.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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