Your horoscope for the week of January 19th

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


Your weekly horoscope: Sorry not sorry to the other eleven signs buuut, this week is all about Aquarius! On Monday, Aquarius Season begins like a breath of fresh air! Then the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday makes our weekend jam-packed with friends, hilarious conversations, and fun!


Clock out, Aries! Aquarius Season has you (finally!) less concerned with work, waaay more excited to reunite with your crew. Make sure you prioritize friendships, fun, and joy! Things could be worse. The New Moon on Friday calls in more supportive relationships by helping you find people with similar passions!


You’re the boss, bb bull! Aquarius Season helps you reach higher career highs! You’re ready to work even harder for your dreams to come true. Trust your network of people who want to see you succeed as badly as you want to! Friday’s New Moon will manifest your career vision board. What would you attempt if the failure was impossible? Make it happen!


And the title of Miss Booked & Busy goes to…you, Gemmy! Aquarius sends the aeroplane wheels up and jets you off to stimulating new places. Whether you’re travelling or staying local, use your brain to think of ways to see the familiar with new eyes. Friday’s New Moon is listening to your intentions on expansion through travel, education, and other opportunities that keep you living large.


Ooo! You’re, um, a crab in heat rn. Aquarius Season turns your desires and pleasures all the way on. You’re longing for meaningful sexual experiences with partners who you trust. The New Moon on Friday will manifest your intentions when it comes to intimacy, sexuality, and commitment. Be willing to shed your shell for softening into vulnerability, sexy risks, and trust.


Your most romantic time of year has begun, Leo, and it’s bestowing you royal couple status by matching you with opposites-attract level chemistry. The New Moon on Friday is in your soulmate zone so imagine all the emotions you want to feel, what you want to give and receive in love. Enjoy the manifesting!


Aquarius Season motivates you to get your inner world (mental health and wellness) and your outer world (routine, cleanliness, schedule) in tip-top shape so you can feel secure. The New Moon on Friday will manifest your intentions on personal transformation, health, and all the resolutions you’d like to make permanent this year. Call it winter cleaning season, Virgo!


Do it, Libra—post that cute selfie! (Don’t delete it later, bb.) Aquarius Season gives your confidence, glamour, and radiance a big boost. You’ll be feelin’ yourself, empowering others to feel good in their own skin, and radiating sex appeal. Friday’s New Moon will manifest your intentions on self-esteem. Be willing to set yourself free from perfectionism, comparison, and people-pleasing!


Happy homecoming, Scorpio! Aquarius Season reunites you with the feelings, people, and places that help you feel safe at home. It’ll be a sensitive time so don’t be afraid to name your feelings. The New Moon on Friday will manifest your intentions on home and family so if you want to move and/or improve family bonds, keep your thoughts as optimistic as possible!


PSA for you, Sag: straight talk leads to straight understanding. Aquarius Season helps you speak even more directly, compassionately, and intelligently. If you feel something, say something. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you do need to speak up and listen carefully. A New Moon in your communication sector will manifest the thinking and the language you need to succeed.


Aquarius Season sounds a lot like the opening of the cash register giving you the financial leverage, literacy, and strength to feel more secure in your life. It’ll also help you understand the ideas, people, and places that your heart values. A New Moon in your income sector on Friday helps you manifest innovative ways to secure wealth. Get those coins, Cap!


Happy Solar Return, Aquarius! After a slow start to the new year, Aquarius Season lifts you from winter slumber and puts your name in bright lights, parties, and birthday cards! Your annual New Moon is this Friday, so write a list of all the intentions, dreams, goals, and visions you’d like to manifest and the Universe will get to work on granting your wishes!


Turn on the Out-Of-Office, Pisces! Aquarius Season gives you a staycation, sabbatical, and down-time to rest up, recharge, and reflect on the last year. It’ll help you find all the things that don’t serve your highest and brightest. The New Moon on Friday is listening to your intentions on completion, closure, and what you’d like to be released from for a cosmic reset.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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