Your horoscope for the week of February 9th

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


This week’s horoscope: Happy (almost) V-Day! This one gonna be, um, a lot. Fun! Up first, the Scorpio Moon on Friday’s “holiday” is delivering some passion and sex appeal in a Lil heart-shape box for you. Then get ready for a dramatic-AF double feature on Sunday: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and Mars entering Capricorn until March 30th. You’ll survive, I promise. Just spend the week avoiding procrastination, getting proactive, and tending to past-due tasks!


Take your pick, Aries! Valentine’s Day is about you pursuing your desires, so make pleasure your bottom line and have fun. Mercury will retrograde in your closure sector on Sunday, helping you get completion where you need it for healing. Mars enters your career zone the same day and gives you ambition, discipline, and follow-through for goal accomplishment.


Life for you is like the end of a really good rom-com rn, Taurus! The Moon is in your most romantic zone on Valentine’s Day, inspiring you to risk it all for the love you want. On Sunday, Mercury will retrograde in your friendships space, so double- and triple-check your communications with them. The same day, Mars lights up your travel sector, motivating you to explore beyond your comfort zones and have fun.


Love is in the details, Gemmy! Valentine’s Day helps you notice the little things about your lovers you may have missed and helps you see who really sees you too. Mercury will retrograde in your career zone on Sunday, inspiring a thoughtful review on whether you really belong at your current 9-to-5. Oh, and Mars enters your sexuality and intimacy sector that same day, which’ll turn up the heat index this winter.


Confidence is the biggest turn-on, Cancer. Light your own fire on Valentine’s Day—do whatever you need to do to fully feel yourself, mmkay?—and you’ll be even more irresistible to everyone around you. On Sunday, Mercury will retrograde in your travel sector so try to dismantle your thoughts on limitations. Let your wanderlust go HAM! Also on Sunday, Mars lights up your romance zone and helps you ask for what you want.


Leo, you’re heating things up…in the kitchen?! You’re feeling sentimental on Valentine’s Day and you want to create something you love for your boo. Or you’ll feel the need to be with family. Either way, you’re getting your Great British Bake Off on. Mercury will retrograde in your zone of sexuality on Sunday, so review your desires carefully. The same day, Mars sets fire to your routine and wellness strategies, giving you all the gains.


Connection through conversation, Virgo! A loquacious Moon on Valentine’s Day helps you ask Big Questions and deepen connections with your day-ones. Mercury turns retrograde in your romance zone on Sunday, making past issues return to the present. Mars lights up your confidence sector on Sunday, helping you handle whatever (or whoever) comes your way.


Treat yourself, Libra! Valentine’s Day asks you to take care of you—before you show up for anyone else. PSA: Mercury will retrograde in your house of health so be super careful and schedule a doctor’s visit. And Mars gives your domesticity and emotional safety extra power on Sunday, inspiring you to pursue the people and places that make you feel right at home.


You’re magnetic, Scorpio! The Moon on Valentine’s Day shines literally just for you. So do whatever with whoever makes you the happiest. Mercury will retrograde in your confidence zone on Sunday so avoid anything that inspires self-sabotage, please. Mars enters your communication sector that same day, helping you listen and use your words more responsibly.


Looking for a soul mate, Sag? Be open to being surprised on Valentine’s Day and let your intuition guide you—trust me. On Sunday, Mercury will retrograde in your home, family, and feels zone so express yourself gently! That same day, Mars enters your income and security sector, helping you feel a bit more grounded and safe.


Galentine’s Day plans, Cap? You miss your ride-or-dies and want to love up on ’em, so reconnect and celebrate each other. Mercury will retrograde on Sunday in your zone of communication so don’t believe everything you hear (or assume), and speak carefully. Mars enters your sign that same day, giving your passion, desires, and goals a powerful charge!


Give it your all, Aquarius! Valentine’s Day inspires you to step it up when it comes to romance and connect only with those who aren’t afraid to do the same. Mercury will retrograde on Sunday in your income sector so spend responsibly and save your birthday cash. Mars lights up your surrender zone on Sunday, helping you initiate closure where you need it.


Get ready for a wild ride, Pisces! The Moon on Valentine’s Day wants you to go “the unknown” and take a fun risk with someone who’s different from you. Mercury will retrograde in your sign on Sunday so reality-check your assumptions and watch your words thoughtfully. Mars enters your friendship zone that same day, helping you feel more supported by friends.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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