Your horoscope for the week of February 23rd

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.


This week’s horoscope: PSA: This is the week to speak your mind, your heart, your whatever TF you want. Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces inspires radical self-expression. But Mercury is still retrograde, so make sure what you say is really what you mean. Friday’s square between Venus and Pluto means it’ll be an intense weekend for relationships as we strike a balance between passionate desire and manic appetite.


Let’s get physical super f*ckin’ emotional, Aries! Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you discover an emotional blockage that you’ll need to share later. But feel your feelings first. The weekend’s Venus-Pluto square inspires you to work hard in your relationships—remember, they’re meaningless without emotion, so get to stepping!


Heyyy, social butterfly! Sun-Mercury conjunction on Tuesday motivates you to connect with old friends and make some new ones, too. A square between Venus and Pluto on Friday helps you find an intimacy issue you didn’t even know you needed to sort through. If an outdated defence or control pattern arises, give it up.


*Kylie Jenner voice* Rise and shiiine, Gemini! You’re the most articulate thinker, speaker, and creative on the job on Tuesday, thanks to the Sun-Mercury conjunction in your career sector. Trust what comes up for you. A square between Pluto and Venus on Friday helps you take your friendships and romances to deeper places, nourishing the connections in your life.


You love an ‘aha! moment,’ Cancer. And you’ll have one on Tuesday when the Sun-Mercury conjunction teaches you to see, think, and hear in a different way. Friday’s square between Venus and Pluto helps you understand the way you want to give and receive commitment—that clarity can help you ask for what you want.


Time to roar, kitty cat. Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you let people in by sharing your feels. If you’re freaking out over how exposed you are, on Friday, a square between Venus and Pluto gets you back on your emotional feet by motivating you to centre yourself with self-care practices.


Thanks to the Sun-Mercury conjunction on Tuesday, you’ll be the best mediator in the room, Virgo. Claim confidence and joy this weekend—the square between Venus and Pluto on Friday brings you pleasurable sexual, intimate experiences with your partner (or partners).


How ya feeling, Libra? A Sun-Mercury conjunction on Tuesday helps you work on your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Then, a square between Pluto and Venus on Friday helps you find a balance between prioritizing your emotional safety and showing up for the ones you love.


The key to claiming more confidence, Scorpio, is to remember that everyone feels insecure and anxious sometimes. Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction reminds you that you’re not alone. A square between Venus and Pluto on Friday reality-checks the incorrect assumptions and conspiracies you’ve made about love.


Check-in with your fam, Sag! Tuesday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you communicate with your family in a meaningful way by sharing your emotions—they need to hear what you have to say. Friday’s square between Venus and Pluto wants you to review how your self-worth influences your romantic experiences. Keep it real with yourself!


Use your words, Cappy! Chatty Sun-Mercury conjunction on Tuesday allows you to say what you need to say. If you need to apologize or express your hurt feelings, give it a go. An emotionally sensitive square between Venus and Pluto on Friday will have you yearning for a romantic partner who feels like home.


Get the bag, Aquarius! A powerful income boost arrives on Tuesday under Sun-Mercury conjunction, helping you claim personal security through financial understanding. If you need closure with a lover from the past, Friday’s square between Venus and Pluto helps you let go, forgive, apologize, and move on.


Celebrate yourself, Pisces! Your b-day gift is a powerful breakthrough on Tuesday under the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Trust what you learn and then apply it to your life for magical results. When Venus squares Pluto on Friday, make sure you connect with your friends—they want to support you as much as you love supporting them.

This horoscope post first appeared on Cosmopolitan US.

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