Weekly Horoscope 5 September – 11 September 2016

As Jupiter joins Venus in Libra your confidence rises.

The week starts with a trine between the Sun and Pluto encouraging you to be resourceful and know what is important… The biggie is the move of Jupiter from practical Virgo into fair open-minded Libra bringing balance to all relationships. Diplomacy is the name of the game for everyone – this means more peace, compassion and harmony in your love life as well as at work where you could benefit from your more powerful and influential friends.


As Jupiter moves into Libra you have to consider your finances and other resources. Use your newfound confidence over the next year to learn how to invest, conserve and budget – and enjoy watching your money grow. When you do spend, think future value rather than unnecessary luxury. Your optimism is very contagious and everyone will want to share your knowledge. Travel becomes a necessity rather than just for fun – but still highly enjoyable. Love-making becomes less holier-than-thou and far more pleasure…


Those born under the Libran Sun or Moon should have better luck for the next year now that self-empowering Jupiter is moving into your own sign. You don’t have to impress anyone – except yourself, so check your appearance, your personality and appreciate every bit of you! You’ll feel more active, eager for adventure and fun. Stamina is needed – have you considered joining a walking/running group or gym? Your sex life will improve too!


Listen to your intuition – and wherever you can show your tolerance and compassion rather than aggression. As Jupiter joins Venus in Libra, the way you ooze serenity and peace encourages those around you to act in a similar way – talk about a love fest! This adds to your strength, rather than diminishes it. Express your creative talents in the way you dress – and in your lovemaking. You take your love life very seriously – but there is a place for more fun too.


As Jupiter joins Venus in Libra your confidence rises and you suddenly know exactly how you can improve your life and personal ambitions. Join groups, make new friends and keep in touch with old ones – especially those who share your values. Enjoy the action – as long as you remember that you can also say ‘no’. Otherwise you could find you aren’t actually satisfying your own needs, only those of everyone else. It’s time to add love as well as fun to your passion. Discuss with your guy if more adventure is needed…


Now this really is great news! Jupiter has joined Venus in Libra so there is nothing to hold you back as you incorporate your creative talents into your career plans. Take every opportunity to express your ideas to those who can help you achieve your dreams – but be careful as Saturn, your personal planet, is squared to Neptune and you could find some promises are misleading and false… Don’t be surprised if a business trip is offered. A macho guy is fun – but think of his long-term prospects?


The great news is Jupiter joining Venus in Libra where the potential for success is in many different areas – but which to choose? Once you’ve decided on your chosen path, you might need advanced training or even decide to move to another country or continent to broaden your mind and horizons as you realise just how many opportunities there are. Always logical, this is the time to let your intuition guide you to change not just your own life but the whole world. And raw sex? Mmmm, you need more…


Jupiter’s move into Libra is very important for you as it really enlivens your love life – and adds to your sex drive. Your need to be loved can make you vulnerable so take great care – jumping into bed with a macho guy you’ve just met can lead to all sorts of problems from feeling rejected to physical health… Financially this Jupiter move can create real wealth for you so be open and ready for new opportunities – but do avoid extravagance. Feeling a bit low? Buy another pair of designer shoes – preferably when it’s sale time!


The move of Jupiter into Libra could make you expect far too much from your guy. Although you are feeling confident and optimistic, ask yourself if he is ready to give support and commitment? You don’t want to be alone but pushing too hard for what you want, or taking him for granted, could do just that… Be extra careful mid-week when you could become quite headstrong. Bring more romance and an open mind into your relationship. Dress? More femininity, less female…


Jupiter’s move into Libra could well give you itchy feet, eager to travel and broaden your mind. Your daily responsibilities seem to be increasing both at home and at work as your creative artistic ideas start to take shape, adding to your personal satisfaction and increasing your self-confidence as well as your wallet.

Watch your health though – you don’t want to become over-tired or stressed. Romance and fun will boost your love life. And a touch of sensuality in your dress will help make you feel super-sexy.


You can use the energy of Jupiter moving into Libra in a positive way by using your inspired creative talents in everything you do from your work to your love life – or you can self-destruct by becoming totally self-indulgent! If your domestic space needs a lift, get decorating! If your love relationship needs a boost, add adventure, fun and more than a touch of romance. You aren’t in the mood for ‘same old’, so free your imagination from all restraint – in your dress, hair and makeup too.


Jupiter’s move this week into Libra suggests using your home for more than a social space for family and friends, but as a place for cultural pursuits and other activities that broaden and inspire the mind. The more generous you are towards everyone with your wisdom as well as money, the more you attract great luck to yourself. Family relationships improve – and property deals are well starred too. This luck rubs off into your love life – and sexually this isn’t the time to hold back.


Jupiter’s move into Libra is telling you it’s time to stop scattering your energy and to concentrate on     increasing your knowledge, like updating your computer and other skills – even taking advanced driving lessons, as you love to be on the move. You could well find satisfaction in helping others in your local community as your optimism and success will rub off on them. Dream about that fantasy lover – but keep your feet firmly on the ground and turn your real guy’s adoration into a full-on sexy dramatic event.

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