Weekly Horoscope 3 October – 9 October 2016

Venus is eager to add love and romance to the mix, so use your imagination.

At first look it seems to be a quiet week in the heavens – but on closer inspection you could easily find that Mars in square to Jupiter and then Sun square Pluto makes you prone to overreaction, very competitive and ready to argue about everything. You need to find balance by focusing on your inner space, peace, patience and a slow steady way of dealing with your life. Luckily the Libra Sun makes this easier than you imagined.


Yes, you are full of energy and optimism – but the Mars/Jupiter square together with the Sun/Pluto square means you could find yourself making promises you can’t possible keep, especially in matters to do with your home, family and perhaps your career. The answer lies in control – especially self-control. Luckily as Mercury moves into Libra on Friday you’ll be able talk yourself out of any situation in a calm manner. Even if there’s little emotion, some fun in the bedroom will make your man crave you even more.


The Sun square Pluto and Mars square Jupiter happening in the same week don’t make for easy relationships! You’ll have to work really hard not to seem aggressive or argumentative when all your only intention is to put your point of view across. Perhaps wait until the end of the week when Mercury moves into balanced Libra when you’ll achieve more by listening rather than talking. Keep your ideas and private life confidential. Your love life looks dramatic to say the least – and perhaps a little exhausting…?


This looks like a great week for your career, meetings as well as your social life – but how will Mars square Jupiter and the Sun square Pluto affect you? Well it seems that financial matters could be compromised if you exaggerate the issues or act unwisely. Be very cautious. Luckily as Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week you’ll be able to put your point of view across clearly and rationally so, if you can, arrange your meeting for next week. Love-wise? This could be one wild week.


Fighting for your cause is great as long as you don’t overdo it by being too aggressive – otherwise you could undo the progress you’re making and even set your reputation back. Mercury will move into Libra at the end of the week, making it far easier to obtain favours and cooperation from your colleagues. So, if possible, arrange your meetings and discussions for the next week. Control your mood swings to keep your love life on track and it’ll soon fulfil all your dreams – the colour orange will help.


The square between Mars and Jupiter as well as the Sun with Pluto suggest you keep a low profile and work quietly from behind the scenes rather than over-estimating your abilities and maybe promising more than you can deliver. Luckily Mercury is moving into Libra at the end of the week, bringing greater understanding and clarity to the situation with more sharing and trust. Travel plans should then work out well, too. Love is more intellectual than emotional – maybe try to avoid too much of the colour red


Whatever happens, try not to become too aggressive or lose your patience with your colleagues, your love or business partner, just because you’re feeling very intense and want to be in control of finances and every other aspect of the association. By the end of the week you’ll be able to relax once more as Mercury moves into Libra and you’ll see everything in a more balanced way – perhaps keep discussions and meetings on hold until next week. Despite the unpredictability, your sex life should be ecstatic!


Partnerships and joint ventures are possible – but use this week to research rather than tell everyone what you are planning. Try not to take your partner or colleagues for granted – and don’t even expect their cooperation in return. Wait until the end of the week when Mercury moves into Libra when harmony and peace should return and you can work out favourable conditions and terms for yourself. You probably won’t come across to your man as nurturing and sympathetic – so be your sexy self instead.


You could easily scatter your energy in too many different directions and then get upset when your co-workers don’t appreciate your hard work – and you don’t make the money you deserve, either. Luckily the news gets much better when Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week – you’ll feel great and your spirits will lift as everyone cooperates. Your health will improve, too! Book yourself a hair and beauty appointment this weekend too – your love life is about to improve dramatically.


You have the ideas and are ready to put in the work, but you can’t seem to get it all together. Relax! By the end of the week, Mercury, your personal planet, will be moving into Libra and you’ll receive all the good news you want. In the meantime, use the colour indigo to calm your nerves. This move of Mercury will also stimulate your personal, social and love life so expect more romance and fun. Start planning a trip with your guy – you expect him to follow all your ideas, but sometimes it helps if you listen to what he wants, too.


There could easily be some friction or arguments at home, with your boyfriend and your family this week – try not to be too intense, jealous or controlling. Patience is needed. When Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week it’ll be much easier to talk, discuss and reach agreement about everything from family matters to moving home. Venus is eager to add love and romance to the mix so use your imagination in a very liberal way – a little red in your outfit could help keep you stimulated.


Frustration at work this week could cause you a headache or even a dose of flu – all you can do is try to stay in control of your feelings and postpone meetings and discussions until next week. Mercury is moving into Libra at the end of the week and it will be far easier to speak your mind clearly, enthusiastically and obtain everyone’s approval – in the meantime keep your latest creative ideas to yourself. Luckily you should have the support of your family and boyfriend. A little mutual flattery will help keep you both on the boil.


Take care this week as your latest wonderfully creative ways of increasing your finances could do the opposite – and losing money is the last thing you need. At the end of the week Mercury moves into Libra making this the ideal time to consult financial experts, discuss your priorities and stay on the right track. Keep cool and don’t panic – everything will fall into place next week. Bring inspiration and imagination into your romantic life rather than being too practical.


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