Weekly Horoscope 29 August – 4 September 2016

An unsettling week, despite starting off well.

An unsettling week despite starting off well with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all conjunct as Venus moves into Libra – making you look and feel wonderful – but then Mercury moves retrograde, making you worry about your health and fuss about your work. The Solar eclipse on the night of 1st August is conjunct the Saturn/Neptune square, adding to your stress levels. Stay calm and use this week to bring inner strength – next week will be much better!


Make the most of the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunction to feel and look wonderful. When Mercury moves retrograde on Tuesday you’ll be more combatant as you seek perfection in everything. Focus on Venus moving into Libra helping you see the beauty in everything you do, see and say. The Solar eclipse should bring renewed energy but as it’s caught up in the Saturn/Neptune square, your best bet is to lie low and wait. Don’t let your perfectionism ruin a good relationship.


The conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as the latter moves into your own sign makes for a peaceful harmonious couple of days. But then the Solar eclipse activates the Saturn/ Neptune square, which, instead of making you inwardly strong, causes frustration as communication becomes muddled and out of control. Work quietly on your own and wait a couple of days for everything to improve. Instead of becoming irritated by your guy, spend time with your girlfriends and have a couple of early nights – alone.


The conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, as the latter moves into Libra, makes you feel happy and inspired to organise social events. Your guy is your best friend offering his total support. But then the Solar eclipse conjoins the Saturn/Neptune square when no one will co-operate, leaving you feeling unwanted, frustrated and disheartened. Don’t be! Just don’t make waves or burst into tears – wait without drama, use your creative talents, and everything will be better than ever in a few days.


Your personal planet Jupiter conjuncts Mercury and Venus, as the latter moves into Libra, putting you in a very favourable spotlight with everyone listening to you, noticing your talents, charm and beauty. But then the Solar eclipse conjoins the Saturn/Neptune square and out of the blue problems arise at home and at work. Forget about being a drama queen for the rest of the week – keep a very low profile and wait for everything to smooth over, otherwise you could say something to your guy (or colleagues) you could regret.


The beginning of the week sees you positive, chatting to people all over the world, opening your mind to new ideas, and perhaps planning a trip. But then comes the Solar eclipse joining with the Saturn/Neptune square. Watch your stress levels, but as you have great inner strength you’ll soon feel up-beat again, knowing exactly what you want – even furthering your studies overseas. Lovewise, you can’t always be in control – this is your cue to chill and just let it happen.


The emphasis is happily on your finances, joint ventures and common goals as you use your innovative resourcefulness to make money. But then the Solar eclipse arrives and conjoins the Saturn/Neptune square, putting doubts in your mind, and you suddenly fear that you are about to lose everything. Hang in there, don’t make waves but rather wait a few days, by next week you’ll be back to your positive, innovative self. Try not to let intensity overrule your sexual passion.


You feel the love in every area of your life, so enjoy feeling beautiful, charming, co-operative, and making everyone smile. Sadly the Solar eclipse comes in to play as it joins the Saturn/Neptune square – turning what should be a really happy week into one of insecurity and not being sure what to do next. Don’t overreact with your guy or, if single, worry you won’t find the right man in your life. Stay cool and calm as by next week most, if not all, the obstacles will disappear.


Start this week by keeping everyone happy and being good humoured at work, no matter how much you have to get through – the more organised you are the easier it’ll be to stay fit and unstressed. Later in the week the Solar eclipse joins the stressful Saturn/Neptune square. There could be travel delays – but if you lose your cool it’ll only make things worse. Lovewise, all you can do is focus your attention on the special guy in your life rather than on yourself – everything improves next week. Vigorous lovemaking could help.


The week starts with your personal planet conjunct both Mercury and Jupiter, making you love life, and attracting everyone to you. Venus moves into Virgo, talking about décor, design and renovations – but also that this is the perfect time for a beauty treatment or new hairstyle. Use this to help overcome the negatives of the solar eclipse co-joining the Saturn/Neptune square later in the week, when your usual allies seem to desert you. Love becomes serious business rather than romantic fun.


Your home and family bring pleasure – and it seems that your influence is greater by the day. It’s the right time too to look at moving home, negotiating a new lease, or purchasing a property. The Solar eclipse does cause some upsets as it is conjunct the Saturn/Neptune square and Mercury retrograde could make you feel disillusioned and over emotional about every aspect of your life. Don’t make quick decisions – everything will look better next week! Self-sufficiency is important – but don’t let on to your guy!


A very busy week as you share ideas and information and race from meeting to meeting – but then Mercury moves retrograde making it harder to make a decision, scattering your mind in many directions. Then the Solar eclipse joins the Saturn/Neptune square, making it hard for you to go with the flow. Looking after your health and fitness will make your life easier and help keep your relationship emotions in check – your guy probably doesn’t appreciate too many tears. Don’t forget to keep your car in top condition too.


Your finances and core values are at the heart of your life at the moment, but when Mercury moves retrograde, followed by the Solar eclipse joining the Saturn/Neptune square, it seems that you could have money worries – all you can do is remain very alert when it comes to any investments, joint ventures and partnerships. This isn’t the time to be taking unnecessary risks. You could consider honing or learning a new skill to make you even more marketable. Lively fun lovemaking is needed.

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