Weekly Horoscope 26 September – 2 October 2016

This week’s news is that it’s time to move forward!

This week’s news is that it’s time to move forward! First the conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter brings huge luck, knowing you can grow and reach all your ambitions. After five long months, Pluto will no longer be retrograde, renewing your power in whichever area of your chart it is influencing. Finally Mars moves into Capricorn – it will mean a load of hard work but the rewards will be greater than you can imagine…


Prioritise your aims and move forward with total confidence even if it means making a break with the past. In other words, take your power both at home and at work, as it’s time to get going and achieve your dreams, no matter how much hard work is needed. This might mean a move, maybe from the family home, maybe to be with your boyfriend or even to another city. The Libra New Moon on the 30th is a time of personal growth – go to it! Love-wise, the colour red will add passion – so be sure you need it.


Mars moving into Capricorn, the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, your personal planet, no longer retrograde means you’ll be rushing between meetings and discussions – and that everyone will be willing to listen to all your latest ideas. You’re ready to move forward but first you need to consider what still needs to be finished before you rush ahead with your new ambitions – discuss your ideas but listen to what your friends and associates say. You prefer your guy to do whatever you want – but occasionally would it hurt to please him?


The Sun is conjunct your personal planet Jupiter, lighting up your whole life, just as Pluto is no longer retrograde and Mars also moves into Capricorn, so your finances look more secure and plentiful. Pluto wants you not to let the need for money control you… You want it all – and can have it all too but you’ll have to put in the hard work, so don’t waste this amazing energy but start making your move forward. The Libra New Moon provides a profound connection with your guy – but are you ready for this?


With the Sun/Jupiter conjunction bringing power to your ambitions, and Mars moving into your own sign, this is the week to get your running shoes on, ready for action! Your spirit will be more competitive as Pluto, also in Capricorn, emphasises your dynamic personality. Take stock of yourself, your style – think elegance with movement. Love? You haven’t time for lesser mortals, so your guy has to be as ambitious and loyal as you if he is to turn on your hot sexiness.


With unlimited areas for success this week, look to the move of Mars into Capricorn to see where your greatest strengths lie. You have great self-confidence and can now grow your inner strengths by working from behind the scenes, being the power behind the throne, as you build up your reputation and your finances. Don’t forget to use your increased intuitive powers – and that by helping others you really do help yourself. Your guy might not realise, with your enthusiastic lovemaking, that you also need alone time.


This is the perfect time to discover exactly what does or doesn’t make you happy now that Mars is moving into Capricorn along with Pluto, also in Capricorn, no longer retrograde. Don’t be too aggressive or impatient when everyone tries to take up your valuable time, but gently let them know exactly what you want. Then use all this wonderful Martian energy to achieve your goals. You’ll be surprised at how easy it’ll be to become financially independent. Turn lovemaking into an art form – your art form.


You have great influence though it needs to be used wisely if you want cooperation as Mars moving into Capricorn and Pluto no longer retrograde add to your career and other ambitions and goals. Try not to use your newfound power aggressively but promote yourself in a determined but cooperative, charming manner. Love is everywhere! Relationships are looking better than ever – and sex? More tigress than pussycat – wild! Lucky guy!


What a great week – you should be feeling positive and energised as you include your artistic talents and skills in your work. Mars moving into Capricorn reminds you there are no limits to what you can achieve – so don’t wait but open your mind to every opportunity with intensity and passion. Yes, there is more hard work ahead of you – but it’s so rewarding you won’t mind. Add this to your love life too and you won’t go wrong. You are at your most feminine, beautiful, imaginative – and hot!


Your creative energy is flowing, which will lighten the intensity of Mars moving into Capricorn, while Pluto no longer retrograde ensures good health. Use your resourceful skills and talents to keep everything running smoothly so pay attention to the details concerning financial affairs, investments and joint ventures but discuss matters in an understanding way rather than jump to conclusions. If you’re so busy at work and socially, you’re too tired for sex – the colour red could help reenergise you!


What better for a Cancer than a peaceful domestic life? Jupiter is adding energy to the mix by urging you to redecorate, buy a larger apartment or move in with your boyfriend. This could be a possibility as Mars moves into Capricorn and Pluto is no longer retrograde as joint ventures are well starred – but be honest if it isn’t what you want… Love is highly sexual, very romantic and you could easily be swayed by beautiful gifts and promises.


Start this week to discuss everything you want as your communication skills are energised by the Sun and Jupiter – and as Mars moves into Capricorn your enthusiasm for your work together with increased competitive spirit makes it easy for you to accomplish everything you set out to do. It’s great to be intense and passionate – but you still need a touch of lightness with your usual infectious sense of fun. Love? Flattery towards your guy won’t hurt – as long as you mean it!


Your finances and sense of values are energised by both the Sun and Jupiter – it seems so easy to make real money now. Mars moving into Capricorn urges you to use your creative talents in speculative ventures – just be sure of what you are doing rather than taking unnecessary risks? Romance is very possible – but don’t rush into a new love situation that leaves you unsatisfied. You need passion and excitement with someone who inspires you to reach your full potential.

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