Weekly Horoscope 19 – 25 September 2016

You can look forward to a peaceful and harmonious life both at home and at work.

The three biggies this week are the Sun moving into Libra on the 22nd along with the Spring equinox (day and night of equal length) bringing new life and enthusiasm. The Sun’s conjunction with expansive Jupiter adds huge confidence. Mercury in Virgo will no longer be retrograde from the 23rd making all your travel plans fall into place again but then Venus moves into intense, jealous, secretive Scorpio on the 24th. This should be an interesting week!



The Sun moves out of your sign and lights up your finances – but also helps you value yourself as your self-esteem increases. Venus moving into Scorpio encourages your sense of humour, charm and persuasive powers so your social diary gets busier with friends and siblings all wanting your attention. Your personal planet, Mercury, is no longer retrograde and its trine with Pluto makes it easier to succeed at everything you are doing. Love matters? Normally reserved, your passion rises, sending practical issues out of the window!



The Sun moves into your own sign this week – the perfect time to look at yourself, your successes, take stock and see how you can improve your self-image and achieve all your goals. Venus moves into Scorpio putting more emphasis on your personal finances – and enabling you to sort out any disagreements in a charming, friendly but purposeful way, using past experiences to help. Romance rather than arguments will bring erotic passion into your love life – and warm up your usual cool.



The Sun’s move into Libra tells you to look at the year gone by and see what you still need to do to achieve your ambitions and goals so that you’ll be ready when the Sun moves into your own sign next month. Venus will be in your own sign making it easy to attract everyone’s attention by using charm and humour, while still keeping your own innermost secrets private! Luck is with you so let your associates and friends know what makes you happy. Turn intensity into sexual passion – spontaneity is exciting.



As the Sun makes its move into Libra, it is conjunct your personal planet Jupiter making this the ideal time to let everyone from colleagues and associates to your friends and family know exactly what it is you want, need and who you are… Love-wise Venus may be in Scorpio making you feel a bit unsocial, but at least you have your sexy dreams and fantasies to keep you interested – it’s all in the role-play… Style? If you have an important meeting, then dress with quiet impact.



With your long-term ambitions becoming more important as the Sun moves into Libra, you can easily get rid of frustrations by finding way around any obstacles by using determination and your clever mind. This will be even easier if you prioritise and focus on the important issues first. The colour yellow brings inspiration. Venus’s move into Scorpio suggests that friends and associates are willing to help and encourage you – and provide you with a full social schedule too. Tall, dark and handsome really is your turn-on!



You have really interesting and far-reaching opinions and ideas about everything – but be careful you don’t upset your colleagues and friends by being too assertive and not listening to what they have to say. You might also find you want a loving intimate relationship – but still having the freedom to be your own unique person. You could try focusing on the colour green to add balance to all your relationship issues. As one of the most sexually free girls in the zodiac, your love life looks highly inventive.



The Sun’s move into Libra conjunct Jupiter makes all partnerships and investments your priority. You could easily decide you need to upgrade your skills to make you financially independent (or richer!). You are even more sensitive than usual though, so be extra careful when it comes to your relationships and don’t overreact or burst into emotional tears. A touch of orange in your dress will help keep you upbeat and stimulated – and show everyone you mean business.



The Sun moves into Libra, your relationship sign, and is also conjunct Jupiter making it far easier than usual to influence everyone – and get their cooperation too… Just don’t be too forceful? Venus, your love planet, is moving into Scorpio so passion and sex are well starred. In fact, singles could well meet that perfect partner now – but first just enjoy the romance. The colour blue will help you stay cool, calm and add wisdom to your actions – and help lessen too much intensity, especially in matters to do with your career.



The first thing to notice this week is that your two financial planets, Mercury and Pluto, are in good aspect so your communication skills will help you achieve everything as business transactions get off the ground. Your personal planet, Venus, is moving into Scorpio while the Sun moves into Libra – take pride in your artistic talents and you’ll find that joint ventures and partnerships are really beneficial. A few sexy experiments won’t upset your guy either…



Good news! Mercury, your personal planet, is no longer retrograde! So you can look forward to a peaceful and harmonious life both at home and at work, especially as Venus is moving into Scorpio. This is good news too if involved in property negotiations or just slapping a coat of paint on your bedroom walls. Why not brighten up your office space too? Although there is a load of intense love and romance around, there could be a lack of passion. Think red – in your clothes, flowers, food, everything…



A good week is forecast as your communication skills become easy now that Mercury is no longer retrograde, adding fire and success at meetings both at work and in domestic situations. The Sun’s move into Libra brings balance and cooperation to arguments while Venus’s move into Scorpio add creativity and a social dimension to the mix. Avoid becoming too intense about your love relationships – the more open and diplomatic you are, the better. Let the colour orange add fun. Sex? Naturally erotic…



You might feel swamped by all the information and ideas that come to you as the Sun moves into Libra – especially if this involves financial and property issues. Discuss your priorities with those concerned rather than trying to do everything on your own. Mercury no longer retrograde insists you show confidence and don’t ignore your artistic talents, as they are key to your success. The colour green suggests peace and harmony will surround you. Tell your guy just how great he is – a little flattery gets you everything!

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