Weekly Horoscope 14 – 20 November 2016

The connection between you and your guy is very strong.

The main event is the Full Moon in Taurus at the point where the moon is closest to the earth, known as a Super Moon. On a practical note this means the tides will be very high but astrologically it means that the Taurus Moon opposing the Scorpio Sun says you’ll be more than usually intense and passionate. On Sunday Neptune will no longer be retrograde making you ultra-sensitive to dreams and to your intuitive ideas – your inner light is shining once more!


Find ways of using up your excess energy rather than letting it turn to aggression or anger especially if you feel someone is trying to stop you achieving your ambition. Be confident that you are getting there – in the meantime, patience is the virtue you need. A practical solution will help increase or stabilise your financial situation. Take time out with friends – ring someone who makes you relax and laugh. If this is your special guy, so much the better – your love life can only improve!


Shouting at everyone, especially your co-workers, won’t help even if they don’t immediately accept your latest ideas. Is this because you have too many? Perhaps you should only offer them when you’ve done a little more research. Use your great communication skills to your advantage, stating your case in a practical way so you don’t lose the advantage. An unexpected dispute could cause confusion over family or property deals. Feeling more erotic than usual, your sex life will be a whole lot of different kinds of fun.


With Neptune’s help, you have many interesting ideas to improve your finances – some of them extremely inspired. Now you need to be decisive and practical so discuss with experts before taking action. Adventure is calling – and this could mean a new romantic partner or a closer connection with your guy. Word of warning – take the necessary precautions. Wearing something red will add vigour and determination.


Now that Neptune is no longer retrograde, you should be able to rely on your intuition to help you avoid any financial setbacks – in fact, it’ll be easy now to find ways of increasing your income. The Full Moon is falling on the axis of your home and career so balance is needed between your work and your home life. The wider you open your mind the better so you are ready to go with the opportunities that come your way. Include your guy where possible if you want to stay sexually in tune.


The Full Moon this week bring new exciting ideas. Go through all the information offered even if you think it’s of no importance – and be ready to take a totally different direction. Get your bag packed, ready to travel. Your personal planet, Neptune, is no longer retrograde, so you find yourself coming out of the dark into the light – a new renewed and stimulated Pisces where your fondest dreams and fantasies come true. This stimulates your love life, too – bring on the macho man!


Your spiritual understanding increases now that Neptune is no longer retrograde, enabling you rid yourself of any worry or fear and move forward easily, giving a helping hand to everyone you meet in a practical and honest way. Your main problem will be neglecting yourself as you rush to help everyone. The Full Moon tells you to keep a close eye on your finances, both your own personal ones and any joint accounts and ventures. Your love life looks a bit complicated – highly sexual but not light or fun.


The Full Moon in your own sign suggests that something very important is coming to fruition – getting married? Engaged? Moving in with your guy? Moving on? Whatever you decide, with Neptune no longer retrograde, it means that you’ll have the full support of your friends and colleagues and so you can move on happily knowing that your finances will improve too. The connection between you and your chosen guy is very strong – as long as you aren’t too demanding.


As Neptune moves forward from its retrograde position, suddenly you feel happy, inspirational and very glamorous and you know exactly what it is you want, which direction to take. The Full Moon also brings some clarity, and with your very sharp inner voice guiding you, you can’t go wrong. Someone who hasn’t been a true friend could leave your life giving you a renewed sense of freedom. Your love life could easily move from a dark space into something light and fulfilling.


As your understanding of the world increases, others might think you are confused and unrealistic. Not so! Neptune is moving forward, bringing new spiritual beliefs and a need to widen your mind. Channel these thoughts into creative, inspired ideas at work and you’ll find your whole life changing for the better – with everyone following. Not only that – your finances are improving as you take on greater responsibility. Casual sex is out; you need commitment, support and total togetherness.


With Neptune moving forward, you suddenly you feel resourceful, independent and able to solve every problem thrown at you. Things that trouble you now become clear as you quickly and easily find the answers to financial issues. On a personal note, too, your relationship with your special guy becomes easier and clearer as you become more understanding and sharing. This really does improve your love and sex life. Your career and reputation increase now, too – you know you can achieve anything and everything.


Your relationship with your significant other becomes more sensitive, intuitive and even spiritual now that Neptune is no longer retrograde – he’ll be amazed at your renewed lightness. Joint ventures and partnerships come under your radar, so it’s a good time to negotiate agreements and contracts. The Full Moon could give you itchy feet, though – you seem ready for a trip overseas or even to find work in another country. Take your time. Love? Your complexity is intriguing – he’s fascinated!


It’s time to check on your investments, savings and earnings – and if you are in a joint venture or have a joint account, check on that too. The Full Moon says don’t forget to fill in your tax form – you don’t want to be fined for no good reason! Luckily, as Neptune moves forward, all this extra work doesn’t put strain on to you – you feel happier, fitter and more organized than usual. Love-wise, giving in to some of your guy’s desires makes him sexier – and you feel wonderful, too!


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