Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 February 2017

The Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus, helps to bring love and romance to Valentine’s Day.

The Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus, helps to bring love and romance to Valentine’s Day. Midweek, the Sun moves into Pisces, which is set to make everyone more sensitive – but also a little kinder.


The Moon in Libra suits you perfectly! Its calming influence will complement your sometimes detached idea of love, especially around V-Day. Given your (sometimes) lazy nature, if you want bae to take the lead on the 14th, give him some clear hints so you don’t end up disappointed. On the 19th, the Sun moves into Pisces, making finances your main focus – just don’t let it become an obsession, okay?


With Venus, the goddess of love, in Aries, this week you’ll be zoned in on the present bae might give you rather than if you’re actually happy in your relationship. Sure, give him hints – but also try to step back and decide whether this is The One, or whether you should call it quits. Just try not to ditch him on V-Day… The Sun moves into your own sign on the 18th, so your imagination will soar. Let your intuition guide you, and use your creative powers to find ways of increasing your finances.


Valentine’s Day will see you taking the lead, directing your guy to celebrate in the exact way you want – and your charm and energy are sure to set you both up for an amazing day. If it’s not up to your high standards, try to avoid overreacting – it’ll only cause friction with bae. The Sun moves into Pisces on Sunday, ideal for a review and reset. Look at the past year to see what you’ve achieved and what you still want to do in 2017.


This year you’re not exactly amped about V-Day – which is totally okay. Make plans with the girls or, if you’re coupled up, Netflix and chill with bae. When it comes to work, you should get the recognition and financial reward you’re craving when the Sun enters Pisces on Sunday. You go, girl!


Venus in Aries will only add to your already sparkling personality, and will put you in the mood for a ton of fun this V-Day, whether with the girls or with your guy. If you’re coupled up, be aware that you always wanting your own way might cause tension with bae. Get set for the Sun’s move into Pisces on Sunday – it’ll bring your long-term goals into focus, making now the time to get your career up and running.


All eyes are set to be on you this V-Day, so get dressed up and hit the town. You won’t regret it! Give any body issues the boot: your charm, personality and confidence will help you shine. Travel is also on the horizon, whether local or overseas. Perhaps it’ll be for work or, if you’re lucky, it could appear in the form of a romantic getaway.


When it comes to V-Day, it’s as though it was invented for you. You love showering people (your BFFs or BF) with gifts, so use this opportunity to share the love with whoever is important to you. As the Sun moves into Pisces, your money could increase via potential partnerships. At work, team projects will help you develop important new skills.


If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day could signal the two of you taking things to the next level. Why? With Venus sitting in Aries, talking about goals and values with bae is likely to come up – which could lead to bigger talks about where your relationship is heading. Good luck! Single? The same serious energy could lead you to view a friend as a possible partner. Who knows where it might lead…


Hello, workaholic! Use V-Day as an excuse to give work a break and spend some time with your man or BFFs. On Sunday, the move of the Sun into Pisces will re-motivate you at work, and encourage your efficiency and responsible attitude.


You’re always the organiser but this V-Day, why not let your girls (or your man, if you’re coupled up) take the lead on plans? It’ll be a good lesson in letting go of control, and you might be surprised by how it could strengthen bonds and friendships. When the Sun moves into Pisces on Sunday, expect heightened creativity and perhaps a little over-indulgence.


This week, be wary of chasing pleasure and self-indulgence a little too aggressively – it could end in a scary credit-card balance and a killer hangover. As the Sun moves into Pisces, things at home will be brought into focus, making it a good time to try to resolve any family fueds or tension.


Family and friends are key this V-Day, so how about planning a cosy dinner or entertaining everyone at your place? If you’re in a relationship and he hasn’t met your family yet, including him in these plans could be a great ice-breaker. Make extra sure to keep your car topped up and your phone charged this week – you’re likely to be on the go a lot.

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