Weekly Horoscope 10 October – 16 October 2016

Uranus says avoid jealousy at all costs…

Just when Mercury in Libra brings peace and harmony and its conjunction with Jupiter brings good judgment, both will be square to impulsive aggressive Mars this week. Then, at the end of the week, the Sun will be square to Uranus. As this square also conjuncts an Aries Full Moon we can expect the unexpected – hopefully not personally, but probably on a world scale… Help yourself by driving extra carefully, staying calm and turning away from arguments no matter what the provocation. The colour blue will help keep everyone cool, calm and collected!


You start the week happy and peaceful, but the aggressive squares between Mercury and Jupiter with Mars and the Sun opposing Uranus at the Full Moon could put extreme pressure on to your love and family relationships. Perhaps you should warn your guy what to expect and not to take your overreaction too personally! This is the time to loosen your libido rather than your temper. Too much aggression in business could also cause problems so avoid issuing ultimatums. Drinking water from a blue glass bottle will help.


This week starts calmly but then the Mercury and Jupiter square aspect to aggressive Mars coupled with the Sun opposing Uranus at the Super Full Moon makes you quickly lose your temper when things don’t go your way – avoid road rage. As your stress levels rise it’s vital you eat healthily, take moderate exercise and try to keep everything in perspective. Scorpios tend to take everything to heart so remember that this is just a short-term blip… A gentle massage from your understanding guy will help in every way.


Just when you thought that group activities and discussions would go well with your personal network supporting you, the planets explode – leaving you gasping for breath as the support disintegrates. This is a temporary set-back caused by the Mercury/Jupiter square to Mars and the Sun’s opposition to Uranus conjunct the Super Full Moon. Relax! Next week will be far better and you’ll wonder why you overreacted. You and your guy can have it all – but maybe not easily this week! Keep your sense of humour intact.


Although the week starts well, you could experience tension and misunderstandings at work as well as at home – and you could easily decide to walk out of your job, your relationship or perhaps move away from your home. Try to relax, and think very carefully – everything will look very different next week. Just remember everyone is ‘suffering’ the Mercury/Jupiter square with Mars as well as the Sun/Uranus opposition, so the calmer you are the better. Giving support to your guy is one way to keep the relationship hot and sexy.


Although you’re in for an unsettled week, you could come up with some interesting ideas – but think them through carefully before taking action. You might decide you need further training. You do, though, need to be careful when travelling, whether on holiday, here or overseas or even going to work as accidents and other mishaps are possible. You could find that talking to your guy is your turn-on this week rather than other stimulation – but this won’t stop your highly inventive sexiness.


The planets aren’t making life easy and are bringing your finances to a head – your own as well as those with a partner or joint venture. You could easily react without thought and even become aggressive towards your partner, friends and associates. Of course you must investigate but it will be best to leave confrontation until next week when everything should calm down and you easily reach agreement. However difficult relationships are, you need to give understanding and love if you want it in return.


The Mercury/Jupiter squares with Mars, the Sun opposing Uranus and the Full Moon in Aries are all likely to make you feel energized, but extremely disruptive. This will affect all your relationships, whether at work, socially or with your guy. Of course it makes you even sexier than usual – but if your behaviour is confrontational, nothing will help keep your boyfriend on side. Try to avoid situations that could see you losing it– stay as calm as possible and keep your lips buttoned.


The planetary action of Mercury and Jupiter with Mars as well as the Sun opposing Uranus and the Super Full Moon are all affecting your health as unexpected events are clouding your usually sharp judgment. Ensure you stay healthy and upbeat especially if travelling but also at work – accidents can happen here, too. Venus is still doing her best to ensure everyone offers you love and support during this difficult time. Some silky underwear will make you feel great – and keep your guy interested too.


As the planets jostle and upset everyone, you could easily become far too intense especially over your finances – partnerships, joint ventures and even your investments come under scrutiny. Don’t overreact at the first sign of problems, but use your highly creative mind to consider what you really want. Be ready for your ideas to change, so don’t rush into anything. Throwing out one lifestyle for another might be the last thing you really need. You probably already have it all – don’t mess it up on a whim.


Your career and home life as well as your close relationships are taking stress this week due to the planetary influences. It’s easy to say ‘don’t stress’ but you are an emotional Cancer and when you feel your whole life is moving in a different direction, your stress levels are bound to rise. This isn’t the best time to sign a new agreement or contract either. Wait a few days while doing what you can to relax. Love? You have a huge repertoire of sexy ideas – use them. More fun than going to the gym!


If travelling overseas, don’t put yourself in any danger – and expect a few delays this week. Even if at home, there’ll be traffic jams so watch out for road rage… Not just your car but all your computer and other equipment could easily be under stress too – so keep everything safe. Also, try not to speak before thinking or get angry before learning all the facts. If you can turn any tension into a really sexy interlude, your guy (who is also under strain) will respond in return. Make it exciting.


You could easily take risks this week without realising the danger lurking due to the planetary aspects – your finances could suffer, or you could argue with your boyfriend or family especially if you feel you aren’t getting what you want or expect. Expect a few reversals and change – then you won’t be disappointed but will be ready to move forward next week. Remember, your guy should also be your best friend – then you won’t go far wrong even if he is a bit laid back. Uranus says avoid jealousy at all costs.

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