Weekly Horoscope 1 – 7 August

A little patience and self-control will mean you overcome most obstacles.

Expect an interesting week as Mars moves from deep passionate Scorpio into exciting Sagittarius, and Venus moves from dramatic Leo into practical Virgo. Your heart wants adventurous love and romance but your head makes you critical of anyone who doesn’t reach your high standards. Be patient and make steady progress towards achieving your goals. Good news? Your hard work will be recognised and rewarded.


You can be highly practical with money and resources, and when you combine this with your innate love of beauty, you’ll find you make the right decisions. All you need to do is focus and everything will fall into place. You could find it hard to find a balance between an exciting relationship and one which provides the financial stability you also need, making your reactions overemotional. Keep finding the fun in your sexual exploits and your guy will be totally satisfied.


Venus entering your sign makes this the time to look at your feelings of self-worth and realise just how beautiful and charming you are even if you sometimes hide it under your need to be seen as perfect, organised and hard-working. Empower yourself by being as loving, kind and cooperative as possible, and let your inner beauty shine through. Your guy will appreciate this side of you – especially when you loosen your inner-whore rather than sweet Virgin persona…


Your personal planet, Venus, moves into Virgo encouraging you to reach out to everyone in your community, seeing what you can do to help. You could easily find that you are rushing around to meetings and discussion groups – be careful on the road and ensure your car is serviced and full of fuel. You want your views heard – try not to be aggressive but be businesslike and cooperative. You could easily have a secret love affair – or is this special guy just in your dreams? You can make it happen!


Venus moving into Virgo puts the emphasis on your social skills – ensuring you know just what to say to everyone to help you achieve your financial aims. Mars is urging you to devote your time to financial and business concerns – start by getting everything sorted, pay any debts and take action now to ensure future stability. You don’t only have to please or think of everyone else – think of your own needs too… The Leo Sun combined with Scorpio sexuality means you can seduce any guy – that’ll make you feel better!


Mars is entering your own dynamic sign – so set your competitive spirit free and encourage it to meet every challenge. Of course you must fight for what you want – but try not to be too belligerent? Luckily Venus is moving into Virgo, supporting and helping you to use charm and cooperation with your colleagues and coworkers. Of course you’ll need enough rest as you’ll be extremely busy. Single Sag? Try not to jump into a new relationship too quickly, however exciting, sexy… and… and… he is.


The Sun and Saturn are providing the impetus for you to finish what you’ve started – so get going! Mars moving into Sagittarius insists you keep your activities to yourself – you don’t need to tell the world everything as you inspire those around you. It’s your inner strength that you need to show off now. Plan your next holiday or trip – the wider your interests, the more fun you can expect. Your relationships have to have real meaning – your intuitive voice knows exactly what to do.


Grab your courage with both hands – and start following your ideas and schemes no matter how much they scare everyone else! At least you won’t be bored – and so won’t waste time on too much socialising and miss out on the interesting opportunities. Venus is also telling you it’s time to transform your life – but be sensitive to those around you, especially your family and the guy in your life… He might well have reason to be a bit too clingy if he feels you have a different agenda. Show your love as only you know how.


Mars moving back into Sagittarius energises your career aspirations and brings you the courage to do exactly what you want. Take charge of your life in a positive way and you’ll overcome all of the risks others warn you about! The more you express your love and support to everyone, from your guy to your work-mates, the easier your life will be. At the same time, your finances will improve too. Love? Divided between your need for a macho man while being attracted to the gentle sensitive poet… Which is your guy? 


Excited by the new opportunities? Restless and ready to move on – but to where? Slow down, take control and consider carefully what to do next… Show a willingness to cooperate with your colleagues, share your creative ideas and schemes. This is your cue to make your office space more beautiful and a pleasure to work in – too much red could cause arguments though. Your enthusiasm for everything energises everyone around too. Love? Are you rushing in too quickly? Make sure he’s your friend as well as lover.


Venus in Capricorn means that it’s easy for you to make money from your creative projects and ideas – and with Mars moving into Sagittarius you have all the energy you need to get going, knowing that this is your opportunity to transform your life exactly as you want it to be. Exercises like dance or yoga will help you find your inner strength – and you’ll find there are no barriers to what you can achieve. Even with no makeup and out-of-bed hair, you glow…


As Mars moves into Sagittarius and Venus into Virgo, the emphasis for you is on not being over-critical of your partner and family, but on making your home life and domestic scene as comfortable, pleasant and satisfying as possible. Being too assertive or engaging in power struggles will make everyone uncomfortable – especially you. Grow your love like a beautiful garden – it takes a load of hard work, effort and sometimes you have mud on your face. Luckily, your love of fun and laughter will make everything right.


Mars in Sagittarius makes you need a new challenge to keep you interested and use up some of your energy and assertiveness. You are at your most persuasive when sharing your really creative ideas and schemes in a practical way. It’s important not to overreact if anyone criticises you or your ideas – listen to what they say as it could add to your success. A little patience and self-control will mean you overcome most obstacles. Instead of moodiness, explain to your guy exactly what you enjoy.

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