Which University Degree Should Your Star Sign Be Doing?

What should you study? Maybe it’s written in the stars…

Deciding what university degree to study is one of the most difficult questions that anyone has to answer. But if you are stuck between countless choices and you are struggling to pick just which course you want to swipe your education card with, we have got ya sorted.

What’s better, to help you get started, to level up or to get your *dream job*, we have teamed up with GetSmarter to offer you an incredible discount on selected courses.

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With a little help from the stars, we have provided a suggestion of what might be the perfect course for you, based on your star sign:

Aries – Leadership 

The first sign of the zodiac loves to be number one and are known for being bold and ambitious. Aries is also willing to dive into even the most challenging situations headfirst. They have strong leadership potential, so why not try Fundamentals of Value-Based Leadership online short course.

Taurus – Interior Design

The bull sign, although stubborn, likes being surrounded by relaxing, serene environments, it’s all about the vibe for Taurus folks, which is why they should be doing a course that helps bring across that enviro. The perfect course for Taureans is the Interior Design online short course.

Gemini – Project Management

The twin zodiac sign is always so busy, and it’s all in the multitasking. You are organised, ready and is constantly looking for new pursuits to keep them entertained. Gemini’s should try the Project Management Foundations online short course.

Cancer – Events Management

This water sign is represented by the crab which is an animal that lives both in the sea and on shore. Just like the crab, Cancereans are able to exist in many realities. They are highly intuitive and can pick up energies in a room. Cancereans would be well suited for a career in Events Management where they would have to try and mine through many people’s reactions and emotions.

Leo – Social Media Management

Leo’s are all about the spotlight. Represented by the lion, this fire sign is passionate and vivacious and enjoy celebrating themselves. So it’s no surprise that a course in Social Media Management would be a good fit for these lions as it would help to always show their best side in the right way.

Virgo – Business Ownership

Always logical and practical, this earth sign is a perfectionist and is always willing to work on their skills through constant practice and diligence. This sign is the perfect ones to start a small business, so we would suggest the course on Start and Manage a Small Business.

Libra – Digital Photography

The air sign that is represented by scales, Libra folks like balance and harmony. They seek equilibrium in all areas of their lives, so a course in Digital Photography would be good for them as it’s all about knowing your angles. And of course, everyone needs a good hobby – for the equilibrium.

Scorpio – Restaurant Management

Very passionate and powerful, Scorpio is an earth sign that derives its’ strength from emotions. It’s all about the chaos and working with people for this sign, so a course in Restaurant Management would be a good move for Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Women in Leadership

Always on a quest, the archers that represent Sagittarius, is all about searching for knowledge and reaching for their ambitions. A course in leadership, such as the Women in Leadership course, will cause Sagittarians to learn more and advance in their degrees.

Capricorn – Instructural Design

This earth sign is represented by a mythological creature with the body of a goat and a tail of a fish. They are known for being skilled navigators, so a course in Instructural Design so that they might be able to teach the next generation their skills is an ideal course.

Aquarius – Digital Marketing

This air sign is represented by the water bearer also know as the mystical healer who gives life to the land. Aquarians are usually known for their philanthropic work and for being able to help and support others. A good course for Aquarians is a Digital Marketing one which is beneficial in helping to promote and work with companies and people who don’t necessarily have the support that big businesses do.

Pisces – Brand Management

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, which is meant to signify the constant division of the sign. A healthy dose of skepticism and doubt is good for someone studying Brand Management whereby they have to constantly be questioning what they are promoting and how they are doing it.

No matter what your star sign says, GetSmarter has a range of courses available that COSMO readers can get an R2000 discount on until 1 December 2019.

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