Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign

If you play your cards right, you’ll have a great week!

You don’t need to be a tarot card pro to get your cards read. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality.

Basically, if your bank account is not ready for a full tarot reading just yet, this one should help tide you over for now!


The main theme of this week for everyone is nostalgia. Let your imagination stroll back through your history–which chapters draw you in the most? Identify something and then seek a way to reconnect with it. It will prove to have almost magical consequences.


Look out for a sexy, charismatic water sign, as represented by the King of Cups–a Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio (you have especially strong vibes with Scorpios.)Romance could be in the cards, or if you’re already blissfully in a relationship, then perhaps a truly supportive and joyful friendship. Water signs are lovely people–compassionate, intuitive, and great listeners, and you need someone like that around you right now. You might even literally find them NEAR the water, so head to your local beach/lake/pool and chill out.


It’s time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, Taurus. You’re one of the zodiac’s hardest workers, and you’ve done enough to sit back and survey your success with pride and satisfaction for a little bit. An improvement to your home, or even a move, could be in the cards, especially if it’s linked to a potential opportunity at work or in education. You’re on the up, so take a moment to enjoy it!


You find finances and logistics like that dull, but this area of your life has to have your attention sometimes or you won’t be able to do all the things you love doing. Sit down and review your debts, savings, investments, etc…and get some advice if you can. Where can a few tangible improvements be made? Do this and feel like a boss–aka the King of Coins!


Take a moment this week, with the farsighted Nine of Coins, to look at your long-term trajectory and where you’re headed. You value security, comfort, and luxury in life, and in order to achieve those things, you need a long-term plan for your resources and finances. Do you have that? If not, this is a great week to seek input and guidance to put investments in place that Future You will high-five you for. With focus and effort, you can achieve your most lavish lifestyle ambitions.


You’re a bundle of energy, Leo, and can take on more than most. That’s good news because the Two of Coins reveals this week is going to be a hella busy one. Fear not, though, you won’t be frazzled and frantic but actually fulfilled and frisky! You’ve got a lot of plates spinning, and this week, they’ll all need some attention. Keep them all going, because variety is the key for you this winter. Lots of options, lots of opportunities, and the freedom to be here, there, and everywhere.


What is going on with you lately, Virgo? The Eight of Swords shows up when you’re in danger of projecting your internal anxieties out into the world as external barriers that hold you in place, even though you long for change. This week, you can break free from one of your mental prisons by identifying it in the first place–don’t miss this window of opportunity.


This week, something will begin that has the potential to grow into something extremely joyful, prosperous, and fulfilling down the line. The Ace of Coins is like a tree planted now, which will steadily grow and blossom over time. So, sow some seeds this week, Libra.


No one needs to tell you about guarding your interests and keeping your own counsel, Scorpio, as it’s your default setting. The Seven of Swords hints that this is a good thing this week, as not everyone has your best interests at heart. If in doubt, protect your ideas and assets by speaking cautiously around those you don’t fully trust. This episode will pass, and if you’re prudent, you’ll pass through it a hundred per cent unscathed.


This tarot card is made for you! The Chariot is all about movement, travel, journeys, location changes–taking the wheel and driving your life (literally and physically) where you want to go and be at. Sagittarians love to feel the wind in their hair as they motor on, free to roam. Are you on the move? If not, you might want to consider it. Even if not physically, then perhaps emotionally. You’re ready for a new landscape, and you’re in control now.


There’s something nagging at you, deep down, and it won’t go away. The Eight of Cups is a yearning card, and it visits when you’re experiencing growing pains or unspoken desires to move on from where you’re at. It might not make sense or even be something you can articulate rationally. There’s just this feeling…but don’t ignore it, Capricorn. Try to find its root cause and where it’s trying to lead you– your emotions and intuition somehow know where you need to go and what you need to do next.


Romance is in store for you, Aquarius, whether you’re single or in a relationship. The Two of Cups is about mutually appreciative, positive, and supportive relationships—the kind that goes beyond sexual chemistry and has the potential to be lasting and true. So, it’s a week to go out on a date if you’re looking for love because the universe has someone lined up. And if you’re dating someone, be sure to create an extra-spesh date night. Love is in the air!


The Devil is a potent card about the paths of least resistance you find yourself travelling, even though you wish you didn’t. It’s all about ridding yourself of those bad habits and outdated mindsets that you would like to leave behind. Well, this week, you can! The universe brings a dose of willpower, motivation, and determination to tackle, once and for all, a self-limiting trait that you want to change. Just do it—it’ll be easier than you think.

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