What This Summer’s Eclipses Mean for Your Sex Life

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Eclipses are known to bring matters to light in shocking ways. They push us to look within and evolve. This summer’s eclipses aim to spark our sexual impulses and yearnings—as long as we free our minds and accept our deepest internalized hunger.

July 2nd brings ‘the Great South American Solar Eclipse,’ which will be the first total solar eclipse since 2017. This time, the eclipse will occur in the action-oriented cardinal sign of Cancer, which will push us to honour our inner desires and pleasures. The solar eclipse will be activated by planet Uranus and the therapeutic asteroid Chiron, which means it’s high time to embrace the kinky side of our personalities through sexual healing.

We must allow our open-mindfulness and rebel hearts to defy the limits society has placed upon us and engage in our deepest passions. Not only will we feel connected to our bodies and minds, but we will feel positive and content in knowing that we can ‘sexpress’ ourselves through letting our freak flag fly and owning our sexual power.

July 17th sets the stage for the second eclipse of the summer, which is a lunar eclipse occurring in earthy Capricorn. Illusive Neptune and transformative Pluto will be at the eclipse points, forcing us to embrace a more adventurous side of our sexual energies and try out roleplaying. We will be cosmically tasked to take charge of our hedonistic desires and passions under this eclipse, by letting go of sexual inhibitions. Openly owning kinks and fetishes will transform our worlds. Letting go of the societal constraints that hold us back, in place of handcuffs will rouse our passions under and out of the sheets.

Eclipse Tips

By: Sarah Potter (@iamsarahpotter)

The energy of the solar eclipse is potent for connecting to your dreams to manifest all of your desires. Change up your bed with purple linens or place sprigs of fresh lavender on your bedside table. Sachets of dried lavender can be hidden in your pillowcases as well to bring out that dream magic! Pay attention to the messages and symbols that appear in your dreams. This could point you in a new direction whether it’s taking on new responsibilities at work or looking for a new summer love interest!


The lunar eclipse also offers potent energy to harness and navigate our sexual impulses. Have you been curious about sex magic? How’s the time to dabble! Sex Magic allows us to tap into the potent energy of our orgasms in order to manifest our intentions. This practice also brings us more into our bodies in a safe space.

Eclipse Facts

By: Blue June (@bluejunetarot)

The solar eclipse will serve as a cleansing period to refresh, restart, and reactivate desires. Use solar energy to enhance and embrace the new you.


The lunar eclipse is a great time to allow yourself to clean the slate and start fresh, so take a deep breath and release whatever you’ve been hanging onto that you no longer need to carry.

How the Eclipses will Affect You

By: Renee Watt (@rainbowglitterstar)

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

The first eclipse is all about embracing the wonderfully weird things that make you a sexual powerhouse! Take some lingerie risks, try a new perfume out, and indulge every aspect of yourself that makes you feel sexy and confident. By the second eclipse, you’ll be feeling stronger than ever and won’t have any issues asking for the things you want during a steamy session with your mate.


Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

During the first eclipse, your mate may have some ideas about how to mix things up in the bedroom. While you may feel a little hesitant, use this energy as an opportunity to let your guard down and try something new. You’re astrologically lined up for a shift in how you view sex this eclipse season, so don’t be afraid to lean into some sexy exploration! The second eclipse may have you in the mood for some BDSM playtime! Don’t be ashamed to take on the role of a submissive (if you’re up to it). A sexual surrender to your partner may be exactly what your libido wants this summer!


Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

As a ‘mutable’ sign, you’re known for your ability to go with the flow. However, the first eclipse this summer asks you to take the lead on some adventurous activities between the sheets! Don’t be afraid to dip your toe into the uncharted sexual territory by asking for what you want and being more assertive with your sexual desires. By the time the second eclipse rolls around, you’ll be feeling much more comfortable within your sexual festivities. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to mix things up by creating a scene for role-playing and living out your wildest fantasies!


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