I Had My First Tarot Card Reading and This Is What Every Newbie to the Practice Should Know

I learnt way more about myself than I expected to.

I recently road-tested a tarot card reading and was surprised by how much I learnt about the practice and myself. Keep reading to see what you can learn from it and more – with the help of tarot professional Simmi Pillay.

What is tarot? And how does it work?

Tarot is about intuition. The more you use it, like captains of industry, the stronger it becomes. It’s partially related to the part of the brain that is responsible for the adaptive unconscious. It is also linked to astrology, numerology and the different types of psychic abilities.

A synchronistic experience occurs when the querent participates in the reading. The reader is able to tap into the universal energies at play at that given point in time during the reading.

The reader shuffles the tarot deck with the question asked in mind and cuts the deck when the person having the reading says ‘stop’. The reader then may use tarot spreads with positional meaning, where the reader places the cards drawn in a certain pattern, depending on the reading, or non-positional meanings in which the reader draws three cards and interprets them together as an answer to the question. Tarot readings are an interaction between the knowledge of the card meanings and a gut feel for the context of a specific person’s circumstances.

The tarot has two main aspects: major arcanas (life lessons) and minor arcanas (daily activities). Together, they paint a picture of the current situation to create more awareness of your role in it.

Simmi makes use of the tarot, Lenormand and pendulum to get as much information for the querent about the situation for the best choices. As much as these tools are used for the elements of prediction, she uses a development life coaching approach to steadily review goals and explore possibilities. 

What you can find out from a reading

While general readings can be done, the tarot can be more useful if specific questions are asked during the reading.

People generally ask about their relationships, career, finances, and tarot offers options and solutions for self-development and moving forward.

‘Because everything is changing all the time, it’s important to view yourself as an active participant whose choices determine the outcome of a particular circumstance,’ says Simmi. 

‘Tarot allows you to, therefore, bring your “A” game by providing you with the knowledge of the existing possibilities,’ she adds. 


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What I learnt about tarot

Tarot is not solely about prediction – there is also a big focus on self-development and learning to trust your intuition, instead of fighting against it.

In other words, Simmi used the energy she picked up from me – and her knowledge of the cards – to describe my role in a current situation to help better understand which steps need to be taken to achieve a certain outcome.

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For more information into what Simmi does, click here or email her at Simmi@polka.co.za.

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