Is Princess Margaret to thank for modern astrology?

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Princess Margaret modern astrology

If you’re as obsessed with The Crown as I am, I’m sure you did a lot of googling and digging around about the Windsor’s. An interesting fact I came across was an article published on August 24th, 1930 in the Sunday Express by the astrologer R.H. Naylor titled ‘What the Stars Foretell for the New Princess.’ Basically, a tell-all about the life of the then newborn Princess Margaret based on her astrological chart.

The article appeared in the newspaper days after her birth (August 21st, 1930).


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Being a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, and Aries ascendant would make her a wild child who refused to play by the rules, all of which would vibe with her rep for being ‘the black sheep’ of the Windsor’s, as well as the rebel of the monarchy.

Naylor stated that the Princess would lead an ‘eventful life”— one that is shown on The Crown as vibrant, colourful, and powerful. Naylor also predicted that ‘events of tremendous importance to the Royal Family and the nation will come about near her seventh year’ (ahem, the abdication of King Edward that nearly destroyed Britain and made her father take the reign of the King).

The article became extremely popular in the U.K. With that, it brought on a demand for more astrological insights. Naylor started a weekly column of horoscopes as a result of the Sunday Express called ‘Your Stars.’

This marked the beginning of other newspapers hitting their own astrologers and crafting horoscope columns. Believe it or not, Naylor is the reason why my colleagues and myself get to share celestial insights with the public and even occasionally drag some celebs (just like Naylor).


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So when you watch The Crown, and read your horoscope, be sure to thank the royals for making astrology mainstream. I know I will.

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