The Perfect Gift For Every Zodiac Sign

Let the stars be your gift guide

How much does it suck when you think you got someone the perfect gift but can tell from their lack lustre reaction they don’t love it as much as you envisioned? Not only does it make you doubt how well you even know them, but you can’t help but be bitter about the fact that you wasted money on the present too.

Their star sign says a lot about their likes, dislikes and what makes them happy, so if you want to be absolutely certain that they’re going to love their present consult the stars:


It can be stressful to think of the perfect gift for these naturally caring and giving people. These go-getters love physical activity and adventures. Go for something that will inspire their active personality, like a nice yoga mat, tickets to an outdoor festival or taking them on a weekend away.



If you’re friends with or dating a Taurus you’ll know already that they love the finer things in life. This doesn’t mean that you have to blow a fortune on a fancy AF perfume, but it does mean you should avoid buying them anything of poor quality. If you can afford it treat them to something luxurious like a massage voucher or a beautiful piece of jewellery. Otherwise appeal to their homely side and get them a house plant (in a nice pot of course).

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Geminis like to be intellectually stimulated so are the perfect recipients of a good book. They are also super communicative people so something to enhance that side of them will always be appreciated. Think a portable phone charger, a cute phone cover or a set of clip-on lenses to take their cellphone camera up to the next level.



These people are very sentimental and family-orientated. They appreciate thoughtful gifts, preferring something handmade than shop-bought. Give them something that invokes memories of good times you have had, be it a carefully made scrapbook or a bottle of the wine you two love to drink together. They’re also homebodies so something to make their house feel more personal to them works too.

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Because they’re so generous themselves the pressure to impress the Leo in your life with your gift is very real. They like anything flashy and OTT, think gold and sparkly. Also something that will make them feel unique and give them an opportunity to stand out. This could be a bold slogan t-shirt, a special perfume or tickets to an experience that they’ll be able to get a lot of Instagram posts out of, like bungee jumping.



Buying a gift for someone fussy who seems to have it all is really daunting. Virgos are perfectionists who like to have the power in situations making them the ideal recipients for a gift voucher. They won’t think you’re thoughtless; they’ll appreciate the fact that you let them choose their own gift.


A Libra will always react enthusiastically to a gift, no matter how much they dislike it. That’s sweet of them, but you would still rather give them something they genuinely liked. They love art and music so a print by a local artist or tickets to a musical are great gift ideas.

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These are the most sensual of all the signs so if it’s your bae you’re getting a gift for get them something sexy like a couples’ sex toy or some fancy lube and a massage voucher (if you’re broke you can be the masseuse). Scorpios are also fascinated with the human mind so an interesting book on psychology or a thriller will excite and interest them.



The adventurous Saggitarius will appreciate you taking them on a day trip as a present. Anywhere new and interesting will make their inner explorer happy. For a smaller budget a beautiful photography book will please them too. They are also animal lovers so a present for their pet totally counts as a present for them (and you’ve always secretly wanted to put a dog in a jacket any way).

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These people love to plan everything carefully and their birthdays fall at the end or beginning of the year so a beautiful Moleskine diary is the perfect present. They are also bad at spoiling themselves so get them something they would love but would never think to spend money on. A great bottle of wine, a beautiful lamp for their house or a book written by someone they admire.



Aquarians love anything unorthodox or unusual. They will appreciate something weirdly wonderful that you found in a thrift store, like a bizarre piece of art or a cool old teapot shaped like a cat. They are also the humanitarians of the zodiac so won’t feel secretly bitter if you donate to charity on their behalf like the rest of the signs probably would.


This sign is deeply emotional and loves a meaningful gift. Something you’ve made for them will make them feel really special. If you’re not that creative you could bake them something you know they love and package it nicely. If your friend is a Pisces giving them a ring, no matter how simple, will make them feel more connected to you, which they love.

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