The Best Workout For You According To Your Star Sign

Your ideal workout could be written in the stars

Did you ever go for a run and after five minutes stop and decide that exercising just wasn’t for you? Same, girl. This is a bit of a cop-out though, and it’s more likely you just haven’t found the right exercise for you. There are hundreds of different exercise options out there, you need to choose the one that best suits your unique needs.

Stop basing what you do to get active on whatever classes your gym has. Rather choose according to your personality, your strengths and what makes you happy. Here are the most suitable exercises according to your star sign:



Best workout for you: a tough but fun bootcamp

Aries women love to push themselves and are naturally energetic people. You have a rep for being a strong person, and your body has that potential too! You thrive off being challenged and trying something new but need someone to guide you (and maybe do some motivational yelling too). Sign yourself up for a bootcamp or get yourself a personal trainer who is going to push you to the limit. Trust the stars; you of all people can take it.

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Best workout for you: outdoor exercises

You’re naturally loyal, meaning you have it in you to actually stick to an exercise program. Remind yourself of that the next time you feel like giving up. Your calm personality flourishes in calm surroundings, so get your fitness fix in the great outdoors. Remember that slow and steady works best for you. So, try gentle jogging before you go all out running, or sign yourself up for outdoor yoga sessions.



Best workout for you: pilates

Geminis always need to be twice as stimulated than other people. Choose a workout that exercises not only your body but your mind too. Pilates requires constant concentration so you won’t get bored like you usually do with other exercise. You thrive on learning so don’t be shy to ask questions like ‘What muscle is this working?’ or ‘Why do we do this with our arms?’. It will give you more to think about while you workout.


Best workout for you: swimming

Like all water signs, you feel at peace when you’re near or in the water. Because of your unpredictable nature you’re never sure what you will feel like from one day to the next. Swimming suits you because you can vary your exercise depending on how you’re feeling. For days when you’re feeling low a few laps of easy breaststroke will do the trick. Other days you will feel more inclined to push yourself to doing as much crawl as possible before your arms feel like falling off.



Best workout for you: dance class

The entertainer and most confident of all the signs requires a workout that lets them flex those traits. Choose a gym with dance classes or sign up with a local dance studio. You’ll be the one killing it in the front of the class, happy to be able to watch your own reflection in the mirror and to have an audience behind you desperately trying to copy your moves and energy.


Best workout for you: yoga

You’re organised and meticulous, and need to use your intellect in everything you do. You need a workout that is encompassing, not just something you tap into for an hour a few times a week. Throw yourself into the world of yoga. Read as much literature as you can and you’ll soon be practising at home in between classes and learning how to push your poses further and further until suddenly you’re in a headstand.



Best workout for you: joining a sports team

Libras are easy-going and sociable, making them ideal candidates for joining a sports team. Gather some friends for a weekly social soccer club, find yourself a doubles partner for tennis, or sign up with a local netball team. Anything that lets you flex your social skills as well as your muscles. You’ll also get the chance to play into your role as a natural leader as team captain.

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Best workout for you: kick-boxing

You need something that is going to get out all that feistiness you have burning inside of you. As one of the most powerful and passionate signs you would do well to take on something like kick-boxing. Your body will love the feeling of being fully engaged.



Best workout for you: circuit training

You have a natural need to be active and get moving, so use that energy wisely. You have stamina but need to be kept on your toes to keep your interest. Join a gym and get stuck into the circuits. The variety of exercises and the quick-paced nature of it will keep you interested and excited.


Best workout for you: long-distance running

You’re diligent and dedicated; the perfect personality type to kill it at marathons. Your inner perfectionist will love working out new routes and tracking your personal bests. Aiming for longer distances and more challenging routes will satisfy your ambitious side.

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Best workout for you: any classes with lots of people

Aquarians are individuals, but that doesn’t mean they love to be alone. You’re friendly and thrive on being yourself but in the company of others. Sign up for Zumba or aerobics classes, where you will be able to have fun while laughing at yourself and the ridiculous moves a bit.



Best workout for you: surfing

You’re sensitive and easily get demotivated by exercise when it doesn’t feel quite right. Avoid anything that pushes you too far, and start with something a bit calmer. If you live near the sea and haven’t tried surfing yet, you need to get on it. It will take a while to get the hang of but once you do you’ll find it addictive. Also while you learn you get to spend a lot of time in the ocean, where you feel at home.

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