Exactly What Cocktail to Order Based on Your Star Sign

Need a drink? Same, though.

Skimming a cocktail menu while a waitress stares you down is stressful, and nothing should be more relaxing than enjoying a nice adult bev. Next time you’re stumped for what to order, use this handy guide of perfect sign-and-drink pairings from astrologer Alice Bell of Stalk—especially you, Capricorn. You could use a cocktail.

1. Aries Spicy Margarita

“Aries are a more impulsive sign, with a lot of energy. If they’re not ordering shots they should get a spicy margarita.”

2.  Taurus: French 75

“Tauruses like things that are simple, but expensive—like really nice champagne. A French 75 is a twist on the classic glass of bubbly.”

3. Gemini: Summer Spritz

“Geminis are always changing their opinions and their minds, and following trends. They should try an of-the-moment cocktail like a spritz—something light and fizzy.”

4. Cancer: Sangria

“Cancers are very home-oriented, and a nice pitcher of sangria is what you want when you stay home and have a drink with friends.”

5. Leo: Espresso Martini

“Leo’s a loud and flashy sign, so they’re going to go for a more extravagant cocktail like an espresso martini. Just something a little extra and over the top.”

6. Virgo: Vodka Soda

“Because they’re simple, straightforward, and no-nonsense, Virgos should grab a vodka soda.”

7. Libra: Mimosa

“Libra is the sign of balance and partnerships, so a mimosa is great because it’s half and half—two parts, very simple. Libra is also a very fashion- and art-oriented sign, and TBH a mimosa looks cute.”

8. Scorpio: Manhattan

“Scorpios are a more dark and mysterious sign—they’re more private. A Manhattan really sets that tone.”

9. Sagittarius: Negroni

“They’re known for being really interested in other cultures, so they should go for a cocktail that has roots in another country, like the classic Italian Negroni.”

10.  Capricorn: Dry Martini

“Like Virgos, Capricorns are more straightforward. Also, they work really hard, so they may need something a little stronger to take the edge off.”

11. Aquarius: Paloma

“The Aquarius person tends to overthink a lot, so they need something that’s easy-breezy, like a Paloma or tequila soda.”

12. Pisces: Foaming Fairy

“Pisces tend to be dreamy and a little otherworldly. They would want something that looks almost magical, like this cocktail made with absinthe.”

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com

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