Did astrology predict the virus pandemic?

We spoke to an astrologist and it’s totally written in the stars!

astrology pandemic

It is strange times we are living in. Who would’ve known that when we set our New Years resolutions in January that just two months later we would all be confined to our homes and unable to leave? Not me, that’s for sure. But astrology might have had some idea…

On Thursday, COSMO’s Editor-in-chief Holly Meadows interviewed astrologer Lisa Stardust on a Zoom AstroWebinar. They chatted about important topics like ‘What does the “Super Pink Moon” mean?’ ‘How can astrology help with self-care?’ and how to make the most of this quarantine period.

With all the questions that you wanted to know about the zodiac, the movement of planets, eclipses, and what she is predicting for the future of the pandemic, Lisa Stardust is the best person to chat to about our uncertain future.

Listen to the full webinar here:

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