You NEED to Unfollow These People RN to Make You Happier

Because you’ve seen all of these people in your feed before, and you’ll totally relate

Because you’ve seen all of these people in your feed before, and you’ll totally relate.

The #Fitspo one

Sure, you may find pics of his abs or shots of her thigh gap ‘inspiring’, but TBH you’re simply reminding yourself of what your body isn’t. And that’s likely not adding to your overall happiness.

You’d cut out a friend IRL who always brings you down, right? So why not apply the same logic to your feed…

The Rich Kids of Instagram

Perhaps you place zero value in material things – in which case, can you donate all your money to us, please? But it’s hard to see images of others boasting about their Manolos and private jets, and not feel just a teensy bit jealous or inadequate. And there’s nothing quite as disheartening as hunting around your house for small change to supplement that last stretch before payday, while scrolling through pics of people bathing in dollar bills. It’s enough to make you want to stab them in the eyes with their Manolo heels, really.

The one who regrams without crediting (and pretends they’re her pics)

This one is simple: she’s lying about her life (THEY AREN’T HER PHOTOS) and making it seem like it’s way better than yours. Even though she’s actually sitting on her couch, alone, poaching pics from other people who make her feel jealous about their lives. Can you see how this vicious cycle plays out? Yep. Not good.

The one who is always on holiday

How does she afford it? And how does she always get that snap of the coconut cocktail balanced on her legs, bright-blue sea glittering in the background so. Damn. Right, every time? *Looks outside the window and sees only raindrops and grey sky*. Sigh.

The #Blessed one

Here’s the thing: #Blessed may be a genuine religious reference of gratitude, but it can also intimate that the Instagrammer in question did absolutely nothing to get/achieve/receive what they’re boasting about on their feed. That new Chanel bag? Because she’s #Blessed, not because she #WorkedDamnHardLikeANormalPerson. And now you’re wondering what you did wrong in a past life to not turn out #Blessed, too. *Rolls eyes*

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