Why You Really Need to Stop Wearing Makeup While Exercising


No matter how much you hate to admit it, we’re all guilty of exercising while wearing makeup every now and then. Whether it’s because you live vlog all of your workouts in the hopes of becoming South Africa’s Kayla Itsines, because you’re hoping your winged eyeliner will catch the attention of that hot dude at the rowing machine, or because you’re just plain lazy, we forgive you. Your skin, however, is less forgiving, and is going to get angry with you in the form of acne and blackheads.

Motivating yourself to exercise can be a struggle. Remembering to remove your makeup before bed is a struggle. So naturally trying to combine the two is, you guessed it, a struggle. But here’s why it matters.


What’s the big deal?

When you get hot and sweat,y your skin does two things: it sweats and, unlike the rest of your body, it relaxes, leading to enlarged pores. While it’s in this sweaty and relaxed state it needs to breathe, and your makeup is making that hard. Wearing makeup clogs your pores and sweat glands, which means sweat and bacteria have nowhere to go and get trapped in your skin. Your skin can react in a number of ways, including forming blackheads, dullness, irritation and acne. So not the look you were going for.

How to look after your skin while working out

Make facial wipes as essential to your gym bag as your towel and water bottle. Just before you have your Kourtney Kardashian moment on the StairMaster, give your face a good (and gentle) wipe down and you’re good to go. This includes your eye makeup and lipstick too. These products are usually oily and when they smudge onto the delicate surrounding skin, it can lead to styes and blackheads. Plus, no-one’s makeup looks good after a Sweat 1000 class; you would have to re-do it anyway.


…But I don’t want to be bare-faced at the gym

We say if your gym crush doesn’t like you in your red and sweaty, bare-faced glory, then he’s not The One anyway. However, if the idea of being totally makeup-free stresses you out, you could try an oil-free tinted moisturiser or BB cream – just be sure to wash it off as soon as you’re done working out. If you’re the type who doesn’t feel themselves without some mascara, then you could try eyelash extensions. They’re not cheap, but they make you look incredibly glam while not wearing a stitch of makeup.

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