People are now using weights to tone and strengthen their vaginas

Pelvic floors of steel!

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When you hear the words ‘weight training’ one usually thinks of swinging kettlebells around the gym. But a handful of women are now using weights to train their vaginas, which is risky behaviour to engage in (but pretty hilarious to witness on the ‘gram TBH).

Powerful pussy

While people have been using yoni eggs for aeons to strengthen their pelvic floors. This practice is meant to tighten things up post-childbirth and is also believed to give you incredible orgasms. The latter is *probably* the reason why inserting weighted balls into your vagina has become so popular in recent years. To do the exercise, you simply pop a kegel ball or jade egg into your vagina and tense and relax the muscles while holding it in place. A simple route to potentially-mindblowing pleasure.

However, a new trend is emerging that is seeing more and more women insert weights into their vaginas and then lifting heavy-ish objects with them. Some of them even travel the world and take hot pictures of themselves doing it.

There are also brands, such as US-based Kegelbell, that have created weight sets for this specific purpose. It’s wild!

But before you get excited, vagina weight lifting could actually be damaging to your internal organs. Much like any other type of exercise, weighted kegels requires proper form and careful instruction. While there are how-to videos out there, you should nevertheless ‘exercise’ caution (see what we did there?) and start out slow rather than doing 100 reps on your first day.

The good news is that you don’t need weights to reap the benefits of conventional kegel exercises. So feel free to clench and release on your way to work, at your desk, or while you are catching up on series. We’re doing it right now.

Feature image: Instagram / @kegelbell

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