Apparently the ultimate cure for insomnia involves actually getting out of bed

It might seem counterintuitive, but it works!

cure for insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia you’ve probably tried all the tricks in the book. Lavender drops on your pillowcase, not looking at screens for an hour before bed, all the Headspace meditations, but still sleep evades you. According to a sleep expert, you don’t need to splash out on sleep-inducing essential oils; the cure for insomnia is as simple as getting out of bed.

Kathryn Pinkham is the Founder of the Insomnia Clinic, so it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about getting to sleep. She recently spoke at Eucerin’s Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum launch and shared her best tip for beating insomnia: ‘The best thing you can do when you can’t fall asleep is to literally leave the room. Get up and go and sit in the living room. A change of scenery and disassociating yourself with the room where you can’t fall asleep will work wonders. Head back into bed after five minutes or so and you’ll nod off.’

Getting out of bed is probably the last thing on your mind while you’re willing your brain to switch off, but it’s definitely worth trying. According to Headspace, the meditation app that has a whole section dedicated to helping you doze off, it’s recommended that you get up after 15 to 20 sleepless minutes.

‘The more you lie in bed feeling frustrated, the more your brain associates the bedroom with not sleeping well, and the more you’ll come to anticipate sleeplessness the next time you’re there. Go to another room and try something relaxing, like listening to music or reading,’ Headspace advises.

You could also try a warm bath or shower, as ‘the change in body temperature before going back to a cool room should help get you drowsy.’

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