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Getting toned arms is easier than it seems. Other than the actual exercises, the most important thing to remember is the muscle-mind connection. When you’re sculpting and toning, you want to focus all your energy on the body part you’re working on. 

So as you do these super-easy but effective moves for toned arms, remember to squeeze, keep your mind focused on the muscle group you’re working, and have fun! Also, check out the GNC Total Lean range to support your fitness programme. 

Mountain Climbers

Start with your hands placed under, and in-line with, your shoulders. Ensure that your core is engaged, don’t dip your back, and move your feet towards your chest as fast as you can. 


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Toned arms GNC

Tricep Dips

Begin with your feet hip-width apart, hands facing forward, and make sure there’s enough space behind you to ensure that you don’t move against the chair, step or bench you’re leaning on. Then lower yourself until your elbows are bent, making sure that they are tucked in next to you. Remember to keep your back straight and rely on your triceps to do all the work, not your legs. 


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Toned arms GNC

Bicep Curls

Stand with a weight in each hand, with your feet hip-width apart. Curl the weights up towards your shoulders, keeping your core engaged. The trick is to rely on your arms for the strength to do this exercise – you want to avoid swaying your torso back and forth. 


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Toned arms GNC


You can do this in the advanced position or you can modify the exercise so that you’re on your knees. Start with your hands underneath your shoulders, keep your core engaged and feet hip-width apart, and slowly lower yourself to the ground and back up.


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Toned arms

Arm Circles

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and raise your arms up to your sides. Be sure to keep your shoulders down and move your arms in small circular movements – as many times as you’re able to manage. 


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