5 Things All Women Should Do After Sex

There’s more to it than peeing.

Your post-sex routine can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a very vengeful vagina. Here are the best ways to keep your vag happy and healthy after sex.

1 Use the bathroom – but only if you actually have to pee. You’ve probably heard that running off to the toilet immediately after sex will help you avoid a UTI because it rinses away any bacteria that may have moved towards your urethra during sex – but this is actually a myth. If you don’t need to pee right after sex, don’t force it. Wait until you actually have to go. It won’t up your risk of a UTI at all.

2 Wipe down with (non-perfumed) soap and water. The natural lubricants and bacteria from sexual intercourse can increase your chance of developing a bacterial or yeast infection. To guard against that, use a warm washcloth to gently dab your vulva with non-fragrant soap and water, or just plain water. You don’t have to clean inside your vagina because it’s magical enough to have its own internal washing cycle.

3 Down a glass of water. If you’ve ever had great sex, you know it’s practically a workout. And, after any workout, it’s wise to hydrate. Chug a couple of glasses of water straight after sex to hydrate you and keep UTI-causing bacteria away from your bladder. Bonus!

4 Take off your underwear. No, not to get busy again – go commando for optimum air circulation, and to keep your vag clean and dry. If you like to keep some pants on, go for cotton underwear and loose-fitting PJs. Be sure to avoid nylon underwear or super-tight sleepwear. Be free!

5 Have a snack. A snack full of good bacteria, that is. If you’re feeling peckish after your romp, a snack of  yoghurt, kimchi or kombucha can help replenish your vagina’s good bacteria. It’s delicious, and it decreases your risk of a yeast infection. Bonus!

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