5 Things Terrible People in Your Life Can Teach You

Maybe you should appreciate them more…

You may think there’s nothing positive about having terrible people in your life – but on the contrary, they exist to make you an even better person. Don’t believe me? Here are the incredible life lessons the assholes of the world can teach you. Perhaps they’re not that bad after all…

1 They teach you how to be the bigger person. The easiest (and most tempting) option when dealing with an asshole is to be an asshole right back. But you’ve learnt to take each interaction with a garbage person as an excellent lesson in self-control. You don’t give them the rise they want out of you – you just treat them as a case study in how not to behave. Thank you, terrible people!

2 They teach you how to choose your battles. If you were to constantly fight it out with every single awful person in your life, you’d probably never stop fighting. Thankfully, terrible people can inadvertently teach you which battles are worth fighting and which ones are just worth rolling your eyes at before carrying on with your life. In fact, you’ve learnt that most interactions deserve an eye-roll.

3 They teach you that you can’t ‘fix’ people (and that it’s not up to you to do it). Some people just can’t be changed – and they don’t want to be. No matter how hard you try, you probably won’t be able to make a bad person better. It’s not your job, because people have to want to change themselves. They aren’t your social experiment.

4 They teach you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. One of the most salient things terrible people can teach you is how imperative it is to stand up for yourself. You know by now that people – even the ones who say they love you – will try to bring you down. You’re slowly learning not to let them.

5 They teach you to forgive. If you decided to hold a grudge against every single person who’s wronged you, you know you’d be an extremely bitter, unhappy person – and that’s something that only affects you negatively. Terrible people teach you to forgive and move on. It’s the most valuable life lesson of all.

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