A Therapists' Guide to 3 Common Dreams and What They Mean For You

‘This is what dreams are made of’

Our self-help columnist Athena Laz is a psychologist and leading voice on modern spirituality. Her signature course Align + Intend has assisted thousands of women worldwide, helping them to reclaim their ability to feel good. You can see her work here.

Ever wondered what your dreams are trying to tell you? Something that I have come to rely on is that your dreams are there to bring greater awareness and assist you in your life. That said how you choose to interpret and act on your own dreams is always up to you. I’ve worked with many clients who have managed to experience profound insights to their own inner workings, once they’ve been able to recognize the constant themes that underlie many of their dreams. This is through the practical method of de-coding dream symbols.

Equally, if you’ve had a very stressful week and then had what you would call a ‘bad’ dream, it could simply be because of the thoughts that have occupied your mind during the day. Learning to discern which dreams carry a message from your psyche (and the Universe!) is helpful as opposed to dreams that just help you process how you feel.

Common Dreams and What They Mean for You

Type 1: Falling or Flying Dreams

If you’ve ever dreamt of falling you will know just how intense the experience can feel. Falling in your dream has to do with the theme of descending. When you dream of falling you are being alerted to an aspect in your life in which you may be actively experiencing or suppressing your anger, fear or pride. The message is to face what you are repressing and express how you feel.

On the opposite spectrum, to dream of flying is symbolic of ascending and reaching new heights. It feels incredible to dream of flying and represents a form of freedom that is often hard to express. So depending on what is happening in your life when you have the dream, it may be a message to see things from a ‘higher’ perspective or to acknowledge that you have already done so.

Type 2: Birth or Death Dreams

Ever dreamt that you were having a baby? Or have you had dreams of death and/or funerals? Dreams related to the theme of birth/death are really messages about transformation and how you are handling growth and change. Ask yourself: Am I holding onto something that needs to be let go of? Am I giving “birth” to something new?


Type 3: Dreams of Water

Dreaming of water can symbolise the overall state of your subconscious mind. Water that appears violent, wild, or like a tsunami may be telling you to address any unease and upheaval in your life. On the other hand dreaming of calm, azure like water can reflect inner peace. The trick is to recognise how you relate to the water that you are dreaming about. Are you swallowed up by it or do you feel good?

Self- reflective questions can help you in your process of dream interpretation. You can ask yourself the following:

  1. Why am I dreaming about this now?
  2. Do any of the people in my dreams remind me of aspects of myself?
  3. How can this dream help me?
  4. What do I need to face that I am avoiding?

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