Thanks to This App, I Now Have Biceps, Like Two Abs, and a Crazy-Strong Booty

You like my muscle? Gee thanks, just got it.

I love me some fitness influencers. Their crazy strong bods, cool workout videos, and visible arm muscles mesmerise me. So last summer, which happened to be a year before my wedding, I decided I would get myself tickets to the gun show.

But I wasn’t sure how to do that without hiring a fancy personal trainer. After a little investigation, I found SWEAT, the app co-created by fitfluencer Kayla Itsines.

Although Kayla is famous for BBG, SWEAT includes plans by other trainers like Kelsey Wells’ PWR program, which centres on lifting heavy weights. After creeping on Kelsey’s Insta, I knew I found my SWEAT queen (still love you, Kayla).

How it works

To kick it off, I started with the four-week intro program, which entails three weight-training sessions plus three cardio workouts per week (after that, it’s four strength and two cardio seshes a week). It’s meant to ease you into strength training if you’re new to dumbbells and weirdly-intimidating weight machines.

Each session focuses on a different muscle group, like your back and biceps or hamstrings and glutes, and lasts 35 minutes to an hour (depending on whether you take the entire break between sets and sections).


The workouts are divided into three sections that kept my easily distracted brain very entertained. The first, and IMO the hardest, is Activation. It’s meant to get your heart rate up and engage the muscles you’ll be working during that day. You’ll spend four minutes alternating between moves like burpees and lunges without a break. Then, you do it again with two different exercises. Kelsey, why you gotta do me like that? JK, but it is hard.

Next up is the Pyramid. It’s four sets of three badass strength moves you can do at your own pace. Once you’ve crushed those, you’re on to the Superset, two exercises performed back-to-back for six minutes. Then you do another superset. Tired yet?

I know it’s weird, but I can’t remember a time when I had arm and back muscles. (Back muscles!!)

But beyond being seriously jacked (lol), sticking to the plan has been a welcome distraction from the stress, er, the joy, of planning a party for 285 of my closest friends and fam.

Checking a workout off my to-do list makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something awesome even though my Nana somehow didn’t get a wedding invitation and my mom bought cork wedges for her evening gown.

Overall, I’m really proud of the muscle and the confidence I’ve built over the last nine months, and I’ll continue to flex whenever I feel like it. My fiancé is nice enough to play along, but I can tell he’s thinking, ‘We get it!’ #SorryNotSorry.

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.

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