Stayfree's #OurMove Campaign Reminds Us All That Anything Men Can Do, We Can Do Too While Bleeding

Period power! ❤️❤️

Menstruation is having its day, from tax discussions to bullying in schools to maintaining menstrual hygiene. Menstruation affects girls on many layers. From knowing and understanding their bodies to educators not fully providing education around how a girl feels (cramps, bloating, etc.) and what strategies she can use (going to the gym, etc.) It gets to the point where girls are embarrassed. It impacts most girls in schools when the facilities they have are not adequate. Girls often don’t participate in because they haven’t been guided in how to handle menstruation and activities. We need progress in this area!

Stayfree is reconnecting with women on all levels to bring greater purpose and to make a positive impact on women to fight this unique social problem. That is why we love Stayfree’s #OURMOVE campaign because for girls, it really is #OURMOVE and our responsibility to join hands together.

Look at Stayfree’s #OURMOVE campaign looking at girls all over the world, let’s unite with them and stand together with our sisters:

Stayfree’s #OurMove Campaign

We do so much in our daily lives and nothing should be slowing us down, least of all because we’re bleeding. With World Menstruation Hygiene Day coming up on 28 May, this is the perfect time to consider the sanitary products you use. Most of us found a pad or tampon in the bathroom cupboard, or in our mom’s bag, and got used to using those products.

We love Stayfree’s Maxi Deodorant Pads for daytime freshness and Stayfree’s Overnight Ultra Thin Pads with wings for the best night’s sleep.

For more information about the #OURMOVE campaign, visit Stayfree.com or connect with them on social media:

Facebook: @stayfreeafrica

Twitter: @Stayfreeprotect

Instagram: @stayfree

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