A Picture of the Female Breast Anatomy Has Gone Viral and It's Weird AF


Last week a Twitter user stumbled across an image of the female breast anatomy, and she was shook. So shook, in fact, that she decided to share her findings with the internet.

After she posted it, it didn’t take long for the image to start doing the rounds on the web, and it has since gone viral. While some people, like the poster, found the sight horrifying, others were super excited at the idea that the inside of a woman’s breasts – and specifically the milk ducts – look like flowers.

Some people even highlighted the similarity between female breast anatomy drawings to carvings on Ancient Egyptian statues. Because the female body has always been an interesting topic, even, it seems, thousands of years ago.

A Boob Blunder

You know how they always say that you should believe everything you see on the internet? Unfortunately that statement rings true when it comes to the image she posted. Sorry to disappoint! For those who were excited that we might be walking around with blossoms beneath our boob skin, we hate to be the bearers of bad news. But, in actual fact, female breast anatomy looks more like this:

Or, for those who aren’t intending to do any more eating today, like this:

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REPOST: TL;DR we aren't actually flower powered, we're more likeessy root systems. Fake news strikes again, I wanted to believe the flowery lies. Copied from an international women's network on Facebook… "Have you seen this image doing the rounds? Sadly, pretty as it is, it is not accurate! This image is based on work done by Sir Astley Cooper 160 years ago, and actually isn't all that representative of the work that he did either! If you are into birth nerd stuff you can read more here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1571528/ So why is it important to call this out? Because understanding how our breasts work is important, especially when we are using them for their primary purpose. Most of us have less milk ducts than this, although originally it is thought we had 22 ducts. Now we know it is around 9; some have more, some less. This makes a massive difference to those who are considering things like breast surgery. Milk ducts are not arranged in a pretty flower shape, they are more like the intertwined roots of a tree. And they can even be up under your armpit! This is important because when chest/breastfeeding, it matters that we know we can get blocked ducts up under our armpit and therefore treat them. Our bodies are amazing. We don't need to have them prettied up like flowers. Accurate information matters! #birthnerd" #milkducts #boobs #breastmilk #women #female #motherhood

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Experts have chimed in, saying that while the OP’s image is technically correct, the way they are portrayed in the image give off the wrong idea. Our milk ducts are not uniform, and they are definitely not that size if a woman is not lactating. Furthermore, we all know that we are not symmetrical on the outside, and the same goes for the inside as well.

At least this non-discovery has made women more curious about what goes on underneath our skin. More education around our bodies is always a good thing!

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