These 6 outdoor activities burn calories while you live your best life

Your best summer is calling ?☀️

6 outdoor activities GNC

Take your workouts from the gym outside and try these 6 outdoor activities. They burn calories and are super fun, too.


Kayaking is an unbelievable outdoor activity and it’s also a low-impact upper body workout. On fast-flowing rapids you’ll raise your heart rate and a smoother route means you’ll still break a sweat. Your arms, shoulders, and back are guaranteed to benefit from this activity, along with your core which really helps with balancing the kayak. 

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2.Outdoor Yoga 

Doing yoga outside can transform the experience while you tone your body and burning calories. Find a location that works well for you and will suit a 15-minute movement session. When thinking of outdoor activities opt for a quiet spot on a beach or go into nature. 

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Summer is the best time for outdoor activities and great for exploring your city. Not only will you burn calories and improve your fitness but you’ll have so much fun discovering and appreciating the beauty of nature that it won’t even feel like a workout. Choose a route that matches your fitness level and get as many of your friends involved. 

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Whether you’re on rollerblades or skateboarding you’ll love this activity. It’s playful, full-body workout that doesn’t feel like hard work at all. If you’re in Cape Town, check out Promenade Mondays which is a weekly event that takes place every Monday from 18h00 in Sea Point. 

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Swimming requires the use of every muscle in your body – that’s all the motivation you need to get in that pool or ocean. Swimming de-stresses the body and it’s great for every fitness level. It also a great way to burn calories. 

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Book a court and call up your bestie. A tennis game is enjoyable without feeling like a ton of work. You’ll sweat, burn calories and have the best time outdoors.

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6 outdoor activities GNC

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