The best online workout videos that you can do at home

No gym required.

online workout videos

Whether it’s because you can’t afford a gym membership, or because you’ve been confined to your house for two weeks due to a global coronavirus pandemic, sometimes you need to do your exercising at home. In a time where we should all be practicing social distancing, a sweaty gym or humid yoga studio is one of the worst places to be RN. Here is our pick of the best online workout videos you can try at home to keep your exercise routine (and spirits) up while quarantining:

Down Dog

This app offers guided videos in yoga, HIIT and barre classes. Their yoga lessons have something for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned Savasana-ers. Barre is a ballet-inspired workout, set to whatever music gets you going, and focuses on thighs, glutes and your core. And HIIT is the high-intensity interval training that will get your heart racing. In light of the coronavirus, Down Dog has made all their classes free until the 1st of April, so go get your downward dog on ASAP.



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Cassey Ho has had the online pilates scene on lock-down for over 10 years. Her website, Blogilates, is full of amazing free resources, like 30-day challenges, infographics, recipes, printable fitness planners. Her pilates videos target every area imaginable, and Cassey talks throughout them to distract you from thinking about how much you hate holding the plank. She’s even created a 14-day quarantine workout plan, which doesn’t involve any jumping or stamping; ideal for those who hate doing burpees stay in apartments.

Yoga with Adriene


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People *love* Adriene’s yoga videos, which are all filmed in her home using nothing but a simple yoga mat. Many of her videos have a focus on mental health and happiness, with classes such as ‘Yoga for Self-Doubt’, ‘Yoga to Slow Your Roll’ and ‘Yoga for Social Anxiety’. All of Adriene’s videos are free to watch on her YouTube channel.

The Fitness Marshall

Dancing to these videos make you feel like you’re in the club, except no one’s spilling their drink on you and you’re being shown exactly what dance moves to pull (i.e. heaven!?). You’ll follow The Fitness Marshall (Caleb) in simple and repetitive dance routines set to the latest pop bangers. You will be so distracted by all the body rolls and Justin Bieber that you’ll barely notice that you’re low-key dripping in sweat.

Heather Robertson’s 12-Week Challenge


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If your usual workout routine is intense and cardio-heavy, you’ll probably need something more than a calming yoga routine to keep the cabin-fever at bay. Heather Robertson is known for her ‘no fluff, just tough’ workouts which combine HIIT, strength, cardio, and full body sessions. Her 12-Week Workout Challenge involves doing a workout video (about 30 minutes long) five times a week. It’s hectic, in a good way.

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