Therapy is a Privilege, So Cape Town Clinic Offers R50 Counselling Sessions

A safe space for therapy you can actually afford.

Yes, therapy is a privilege. It’s wildly expensive and inaccessible to most. On top of that, we still have relatives, friends and society treating mental illness like it’s something you can simply snap out of (GTFOH with that). Therefore, many people don’t seek treatment.

Why this Initiative is Everything

Trauma, addiction, depression, dysphoria, abuse, anxiety, suicide ideation, grief, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia – the list goes on. Access to mental-health professionals is sorely lacking. Class plays a huge-ass role in this. And stigma persists. Only one in four South Africans suffering from a mental disorder will receive treatment.


This is How Inaccessible Therapy Is

Booking a session with a therapist in the private sector costs between R350 and R1 200 – for one hour, guys. This is hugely unaffordable for many, many South Africans. In the public sector, there are approximately two psychologists for every 100 000 South Africans, reports IOL.

The need for affordable therapy is massive. Of course, individuals without medical aid and low-income communities are suffering the most (thanks, capitalism!). SADAG can barely handle the influx of suicide calls during festive season. This is a national health crisis.

Counselling Sessions for R50

It’s R50 a session (basically the price of a box of cigarettes RN). They provide one-on-one counselling for up to six sessions, plus group sessions that cover a range of mental-health topics. This is in a multi-faith, safe community space.

Low-cost counselling is now available in Cape Town. The company launched last month and is based in Woodstock. It’s called The Counselling Hub and is situated on 52/54 Francis Street. They are open from 9am to 4.30pm every weekday.

How to Book a Session

To book a session, call The Counselling Hub at 021 462 3902 or visit   Counsellinghub.org.za.

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