How to Start Your Own Support Group

Forget therapy – start your own chick support group

Going to a support group and divulging your issues in a room full of strangers isn’t for everyone but having a support network to turn to when you’ve experienced something traumatic can be incredibly helpful.

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So round up a couple of your best friends and start your own bestie ‘support group’. Even though there will probably not be a professional counsellor attending, simply having the opportunity to use your friends as a sounding board for problems or for getting something off your chest, can ease your mind.

Robin Norwood, author of Women Who Love Too Much, gives some handy tips on how to start your own support group.

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Always start on time
This sets the tone for future meetings and shows commitment.

Discuss a confidentiality clause
What’s said in the meeting, stays in the meeting. Period.

Introduce yourselves
Even though you might all know each other, allow each person to introduce themselves and share why they’re there.

Establish guidelines and find a rotating leader
For example, sharing your experiences, as opposed to giving advice, should be encouraged and leadership should rotate every time you meet. The leader is also responsible for picking a time and venue for the meeting, as well as the topic to be discussed. Meetings should only last for a specific length of time.

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