Rise and Shine

If the sound of your wake-up alarm leaves you feeling anxious, its time for an about turn

Kirsten Long, a life coach with Johannesburg-based company Coach4Life, suggests you think of three specific situations when you felt entirely motivated and excited. Harness that same feeling every morning by:
– Setting your alarm for five minutes earlier. When it shrieks, lie in bed and focus on how you felt at those three times. Stretch out, let those feelings get stronger and stronger and imagine them flooding every part of your body. Then leap out of bed!
– Giving yourself a grin. It’s a serious downer to see a scowling face in the mirror so open wide and say ‘Hi, gorgeous!’. Be as happy to see yourself as you would your best friend.
– Compiling a mental gratitude list from the smallest smile to the biggest experience.
– Asking yourself: ‘What can I do with my skills and talents today?’ and do at least one of those things. This will help you realise you can consciously make a difference.
– Visualising, as you step out the front door, that you are taking a step into the good life. Take in all the details – the smells, tastes and feelings – that make up that good life.

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