Pisces in 2010

The fish swimming in two directions

You are the most intuitive of all the signs, highly sensitive, compassionate and everyone takes advantage of you! You have an addictive personality, so alcohol and drugs are no-nos for you. As a dreamer, you can be shy. Working in the creative arts (painting, film, theatre etc.) suits your vivid imagination. You also make an inspired teacher.

It looks as if there are good times coming your way! Jupiter, your career planet, is moving into your own sign, bringing an abundance of everything and, later in the year, into your money house. Uranus will also move out of your sign into Aries and your money house. Mars, your financial planet, is in your 6th house of work bringing enthusiasm and energy to your workplace. So it looks as if your career will reach new heights – and your bank balance should increase too. Collect money owed to you and pay your debts, including your taxes.

Mars will be activating your health – you could work too hard or over-react with angry outbursts when things don’t go your way. This could lead to headaches and even accidents, so do take care. Physical exercise this year will help relieve stress. Talk to your doctor and a fitness expert for advice. Try not to become addicted to anything from coffee to alcohol or drugs.

Saturn, which has been in your house of relationships for some years now, has moved into Libra. This means you need to take more responsibility for any joint financial arrangements, business partnerships and jointly owned properties. Your love and sex life seems more serious – less passion, more responsibility. Fleet footed Mercury rules your love life and goes retrograde four times this year, bringing the chance for you to think about your relationships.

Because your family/home life is ruled by Mercury, it never seems totally quiet. But nothing major is happening this year in the heavens so all should be peaceful at least until the end of the year when the eclipse on 21 December could bring a drama or two…

Uranus is the planet which rules your spirituality and is moving out of your sign for some months this year into Aries before moving retrograde back into your own sign again. This could mean you’ll want to give more of both time and money to your favourite charity or church. You will want your work to be more understanding and generous with those who are in need. You could find yourself championing different ‘causes’.

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