Once Upon a Time

No one is spared the agony when they discover their favourite item has been cut from the manufacturing line, forever.

And just because we’ve finally found something else to fill that gap doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten those things we loved the most. Here’s what the ladies at COSMO miss:

‘They called it "time porn": for half an hour once a week, busy 20-somethings could sit in front of the television and watch fake 20-somethings sitting around in a coffee shop doing very little. Problems were opportunities for jokes and the hair was awesome. You can say what you like about American sitcoms, but Friends was a very funny show.’
– Kerry Rogers, assistant editor/managing editor

‘I miss Lip Therapy. I remember it used to come in the blue and orange packaging. Glided on easily, kept lips moisturised. Haven’t quite been able to find anything like it since.’
– Cathy Lund, assistant editor/features editor

‘There are two things I miss: Woolworths’ chocolate cornflake wheel and chappies bubblegum that used to cost 1 cent.’
– Abi Volks, art director

‘Very Valentino perfume. I had just discovered it and was in love, and shortly thereafter it was taken off the market. To my knowledge it’s just been discontinued in South Africa but it is available overseas.’
– Imogen Pretorius, art editor

‘In the 80s and 90s my favourite perfume was Joie de Vivre by Lenthéric and I was devastated when it was discontinued. I still have an old Joie de Vivre body spray and every now and then I use it and feel nostalgic – it brings back wonderful memories!’
– Paula McAravey, senior editor

‘When I came to South Africa in 1991, there was a flavour of Nik Naks called Fried Chicken. It was my favourite chips of all time and cannot express the depression I felt when they went off the market 15 years ago.’
– Ania Rokita, chief copy editor

‘Good old fashioned tanga panties, with the thin elastic on the sides. All you get now are G-strings or boy panties – both of which creep and are uncomfortable!’
– Leigh Cann, senior designer

‘I miss the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies that used to come with those mini marshmallows. I used to pick them out and eat them first and when they were discontinued my mom used to cut up real marshmallows to make up for it. But it was never the same.’
– Deevya Vasson, junior beauty editor

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