Max Out Your Sex Appeal

These 13 tips will have you turning heads and dropping jaws – for all the right reasons.

These 13 tips will have you turning heads and dropping jaws – for all the right reasons.

When you get bored with your usual date-night jeans and sexy shirt, go all Ivanka Trump – a classic black suit with only a lace bra underneath and red heels. If you’ve got it flaunt it, baby.

While talking to a guy in a crowded room, lower your voice so he has to lean way in to hear you, then let your breath tickle his ear. (Forgive him if he has trouble concentrating).

Master a game – poker, tennis, darts, whatever – in which you can soundly kick a guy’s butt… all while wearing short-shorts.

Treating your man like a piece of meat every now and then inspires pure lust on his part. So it’s win-win to make a big show of taking a camera-phone pic of him sans shirt, then letting him ‘catch’ you admiring it.

One word: Commando

Who made the rule that you have to wear dowdy tees to the gym anyway? With your exercise endorphins rushing and hot workout clothes, it’s only logical to pass the gym mirror and think, ‘Nice curves, girl.’

Nothing’s sexier than having the self-confidence to appreciate other women’s bodies. Next time you see a particularly foxy woman while you’re with your man, nod in her direction and say ‘Daaamn. She’s gorgeous!’ He’ll be blown away… by you.

Rock big hair, Brigitte Bardot-style: long and glam and full with soft waves falling down around your shoulders and totally ready to be touched… or, you know, pulled. Whatever the situation calls for, right?

Guys hate it when you jump out of bed, grab a sheet, and dart to the bathroom after sex. No problem, since next time, you’ll languorously turn over, stretch, and strut your stuff out of the room – totally nude – with all the confidence of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show catwalker.

Policy: Always order dessert on a first date. Consider sharing.

Sometimes it’s more enticing when a guy feels naked skin instead of just seeing it. If you are going dancing or hugging your man, never underestimate the power of a backless dress.

At certain times, the only thing hotter than being yourself is making a friend feel that way, say, by marching up to her and the guy she’s flirting with and saying to him, ‘I see you’ve met our resident yogi. Oh, she didn’t tell you? That’s one flexible woman you’re talking to. Watch out.’

You may not have a motorcycle, leather pants, or – gulp – babies with Brad Pitt, but what you should have in common with Angelina Jolie is her incredibly sexy yet intellectual self-possession. That confidence comes from having a smoking body and a smoking mind. If you’re ever in doubt, ask yourself WWAJD?