How to Say Yes to Everything

Its high-time you embraced the glass-is-half-full outlook in life.

Maybe your friend’s new man is a jerk or perhaps you’ve made the wrong career choice… It’s easy to notice the things that aren’t right but how about paying more attention to the things that are?

As author Caterina Rando writes in Power Thinking For Happiness And Well-Being, ‘Approval is a choice.’

Why should you choose to be approving? Because it increases your personal power. ‘Getting worked up over things you cannot control can undermine your ease and cloud your mind in an instant,’ Rando says. ‘Over time, it drains you of your energy.’

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So next time you find yourself giving something the thumbs down, follow Rando’s advice: ‘Filter your negative responses so that only the ones that indicate an appropriate action are allowed through.’

Imagine you’ve chosen to go to a friend’s party because you’ve promised to help her prepare snacks. When the night arrives, you may be in the mood to settle down with the latest episode of Mad Men and a tub of ice cream. But that’s not an option – so instead of dwelling on what you’d rather be doing, approve of your decision to go to the party and make a concerted effort to get to know people, dance and have fun.

Rando continues, ‘Where no action is possible, learn the power of acceptance. Approve of what you cannot change and find greater peace of mind.’

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