The first step in loving your body is accepting it the way it is

And accept it right now – even celebs have feel-beautiful body mantras. We especially love Drew Barrymore’s: ‘My limbs work, so I’m not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.’ So, to get into your body mojo-mode, use this rah-rah guide:

Before a night out or a date, or any time you’re feeling low, write out a simple, positive affirmation and proclaim what you want, such as: ‘I am going to look hot tonight’ or ‘My body/nose/potbelly is beautiful.’ The key is to make your wish a reality.

Prepare to drum this thought into your head. Get comfortable and close your eyes. Begin to count slowly from one to 10 until you’re fully relaxed.

Repeat your affirmation out loud or under your breath, until you start to buy into it or at least until you feel better.

Do this exercise twice a day until the way you view your body starts to change. Remember that loving your body isn’t just about telling yourself that over and over again. As YFM DJ Unathi Nkayi puts it: ‘To feel good, you need to be good to yourself.’ Here, here!

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