Get a Great Night’s Sleep pg1

How to keep your eyes shut until sunrise.

Scary fact: lack of sleep increases women’s risk of heart disease, depression and psychological issues. Sleep expert, Sarah Jay advises on how we can get the nightly seven-and-a-half to eight hours we need. Here are her top snooze solutions.

Symptom: You Have Nightmares Possible Cause: Nightmares may occur after drinking alcohol or eating heavy food before bed, when stressed or as a side-effect of medication, and common nightmare themes include being scared or attacked. Jay advises that regular nightmares may indicate a psychological issue often related to trauma.

Sleep Solution: Good ‘sleep hygiene’ equals healthy sleep. So, maintain regular bedtimes (even on the weekend) and buy comfortable bedding.

Symptom: You Lie Awake With Your Mind Racing
Symptom: You Wake Up Several Times During The Night

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