Four Cringey Things to Avoid on Social Media

Because you can’t take an overshare back

Social media. Love it, hate it, gleefully obsessed with it, or in denial about the role it plays in your life, in 2018 it’s pretty much unavoidable.

Let’s take a sec to be brutally honest. Raise your hand if you’ve ever desperately wanted to unfriend someone super-annoying on one of your platforms, but haven’t because, well, they’re too annoying to ignore.


Like a dog that’s so ugly it’s goddamn adorable, there’s something about someone who takes social media too far. This being said, while we may devour their next-level overshares, no-one really wants to be that person.

Here are a few cringey things to avoid on social media

1 Advertising that you did a good deed

Listen, while doing kind things for other people is a resoundingly positive thing to do, sharing it on social media tends to dim the sincerity of the thing. At least, that is how it comes across to everyone on your feed. Also, did you get the permission of each person you snapped in the background of your picture before posting it? It’s great that you’re helping out at a soup kitchen or spending time with kids at an orphanage, but their personal, everyday lives shouldn’t come at the expense of your ‘likes’. Consent matters everywhere, in all situations.

2 Literally any Facebook memory that resurfaces from before 2010

Good god, how I adored my eyeliner, quoting ’emo’ lyrics and wRitInG lIkE dIs. While it’s hilarious at times to scroll through our past lives, sometimes it feels physically hard to stomach the ‘me’ that I used to be. All I can say is thank God no-one has access to my Facebook memories as readily as I do. Unless they were tagged in the same photo, and they too were wearing too much eyeliner and complaining that ‘no-one understands them’. In which case I hope that they’re as embarrassed as I am and NEVER resurface it on my behalf. Think twice before sharing an old pic, you never know whose ass it might come back to bite. And not in a sexy way.

3 Trolling comments for answers that clearly no-one wants to give

Recently a tragedy occurred involving someone I knew many years ago. I’d never been close to the person in question, but it was an incredibly sad and surprising situation. It wasn’t long before my friends noticed a woman commenting on every single message of condolence asking, ‘But what happened?’, ‘But what happened, though?’, ‘But what are the specific details?’, ‘How did it happen, though?’ Non. Stop. As my friend put it, if she was close enough to the person in question that she’d need to know, she would already have known. Sensitivity goes a long, long way. While we publicise so much of our lives, there are still personal details of other people’s lives that we should recognise we’re not automatically privy to.

4 The overshare

While it may be charming when your grandmother outs a pet name she’s had for you since you were a child on your Facebook wall, the overshare isn’t always quite so funny. The next time you’re tempted to share an intimate slice of your life on social, take a moment to check your headspace. Did your boo do something to piss you off supremely? Fair. But posting about it might only complicate the resolution, should you want one. Your boss said something snooty? Consider the implications of what posting about it might do to your career. Safeguard yourself by sleeping on it before tapping away at your status. Chances are you’ll be grateful you didn’t spill every single one of your beans the next day.

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