Be Careful, This is Apparently the Most Depressing Day of the Year


2019 has only just begun, but you’re not alone if you’re yet to feel the New Year, New You vibe sink in. In fact, a lot of people are feeling just the opposite RN and it’s not surprising; the most depressing day of the year (officially) is upon us.

That’s right; someone did the maths and figured out which day of the year the most people would feel depressed on. It occurs on the third Monday of the year (because it was agreed that Garfield was right and Mondays are The Worst) and this year it falls on January 21st.

Back in 2005 Dr Cliff Arnall calculated what he went on to dub ‘Blue Monday’ using a formula:


For those of who haven’t even seen a fraction since matric maths paper 2/who aren’t fluent in pseudoscience here’s a breakdown: the formula takes into account weather plus debt (minus your monthly salary), multiplied by the amount of time since Christmas, to the power of the time spent failing your New Year’s resolutions, then all of that divided by low motivational levels times that feeling of needing to take action.

In short, it’s the time of year where we’re broke from Christmas, we feel bad about ourselves ‘cos we have yet to successfully quit smoking/stop eating meat/go to the gym 8 times a week/achieve whatever other unrealistic New Year’s resolutions we set. Plus it’s the beginning of a new year so we feel pressured to be doing the most, but have zero energy or gees to actually do anything.



It should be noted that the weather part of this formula only works for the Northern Hemisphere and ‘bad’ weather is subjective any ways (S/O to my winter-lovers). But debt and feeling blergh transcend hemispheres, so we can still feel that Blue Monday realness down here, in spite of the sunshine.

Dr Arnall has gone on to express regret for coining the term ‘Blue Monday’ and creating an air of negativity around the day. He had hoped people would see it as a time to make an effort to make some positive changes in their lives and start fresh. So if you’re feeling down because that Dezemba feeling has well and truly faded and you haven’t even come close to nailing your resolutions, don’t be too hard on yourself. See Blue Monday as one last day to feel crappy and you can start living your best life from tomorrow when it’s much closer to payday.

If you think this formula doesn’t quite add up, you’re not wrong, but isn’t it nice to have an excuse to be *extra* grumpy this Monday?

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