6 Daily Habits of Happy People to Develop in Your 20s

These tips will make life much easier – and you happier.

It’s totally normal to have bad days but remembering these tips will make life that much easier – and you happier.

1. Exercise in the morning
We know it’s tough waking up early – especially during winter – but exercising in the morning has tons of benefits:
– You’ll feel calmer and less stressed when you get to work
– You won’t have to dread going to gym after a stressful day at work
– Exercise lifts your mood as it boosts your endorphins
– You’ll feel accomplished and motivated

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2. Take a break
Working solidly all day without a break can negatively affect your mental health. Stress builds up throughout the day so you need a proper lunch break to de-stress and recuperate. You’ll be far more productive in the afternoon.

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3. Take risks
We’re not suggesting you need to skydive or swim with sharks – but taking little risks every day (chatting to the hottie at the gym or voicing your opinion in a meeting) will boost your self-esteem and build your confidence.

4. Be grateful.
Instead of constantly complaining about things you can’t change, focus on all the good aspects of your life. Appreciate your family, friends and work colleagues. And remember to put things into perspective – getting in a huge huff because a car cut in front of you is seriously not worth it, guys. #FirstWorldProblems

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5. Set daily goals
Plan what you need to accomplish during the day, and tick off each task as you complete them – you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life.

6. Lasty, remember to SMILE!


Our favourite ‘uplift your mood’ song? Pharrell’s Happy, of course!



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