All the Best Bits From our Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebration With Stayfree at Lofentse Girls High School

Let’s talk about #PeriodPower like this every day?

It was Menstrual Hygiene Day on Tuesday, 28 May and we spent the day in Soweto with Stayfree at Lofentse Girls High School to educate girls about periods and their changing bodies.

The Stayfree Schools programme offers puberty education to over 1 million school girls every year. The programme aims to empower girls to feel confident about their bodies.

Here are a few of our favourite moments:

The event included super enthusiastic kids who blew us away with their confidence, multiple speakers who shared the best advice and a surprise performance by Sho Madjozi!

Your blood is your power.

Our boss babe and deputy editor, Noxolo Mafu had the crowd’s undivided attention as she encouraged girls to be their best selves by overcoming doubt. It’s so important to create a community of support as we continue to normalise periods and every girl was so determined to shake the stigma surrounding their period. We’re never gonna forget her amazing statement: ‘Your Body is Your Power – Your Blood is Your Power!’ (Yaass)

Period skincare tips.

Our senior beauty editor, Zipho Ntloko taught the girls how to deal with acne during their period. She discussed why girls breakout when they’re on their period and offered amazing skincare tips – we’re so into exfoliating from here on!

We were never ready for Sho Madjozi!

A surprise appearance by Stayfree’s ambassador, Sho Madjozi sent the crowd into a frenzy. She is one of our fave South African rappers and poets and spoke about her own experience with her period and said, ‘It’s important we start spreading a message of positivity to young women to empower them to take ownership and feel proud of their bodies’.

Stayfree’s global #OURMOVE campaign aims to naturalise menstruation so that girls can stay in school or go to work and achieve their goals and succeed in life. And we’re committed to creating an open environment for kids to learn what is and isn’t normal regarding menstruation.

For more information connect with Stayfree on social media:

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This article is sponsored by Stayfree.

Feature image credit: Steven Le Roux

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