We Asked a Group of Men and Women What They Really Think of 'That Time of the Month'

The results are both LOL-worthy and eye-opening.

COSMO and Stayfree teamed up with a bunch of girls and guys to understand what they really thought about periods!

We wanted to find out what they thought about PMS, tampons, sex ed at school, and why it’s important for schools to include menstruation education in the curriculum.

The interviews were LOL-worthy and eye-opening. Take a look for yourselves:

There was a time when we’d call vaginas and penises funny, cutesy names, but then we realised that all this did was add shame to our genital organs. They became parts of our body that weren’t spoken about. It’s time to bring menstruation out of the dark ages.

Why are girls still hiding tampons on the way to the toilet? Why do men not even know where a tampon goes? Women are expected to act like they don’t bleed every single month, for at least 30 years. This empowering part of womanhood has been reduced to something embarrassing. This needs to end!

3 Ways To Empower Yourself

  1. Learn about your anatomy. Find out what actually happens in the 28-day hormonal cycle we all go through. Did you know Stayfree has a cool period predictor that’ll help you keep track? See below
  2. Educate your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your brother, your sister – anyone! Open the dialogue to the people in your lives. Boys need as much info as girls do.
  3. Sign our petition to make menstrual education in schools mandatory! Join the #COSMOPeriodPower movement here.

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